‘couple is not practicing or learning Islam’

Q: A born Muslims girl from a very good family fell in love with an Athiest boy (same age 17) and started to live with his family and wanted to marry each other. The Muslims mother cried and finally asked them to convert so that they can at least marry in a muslim way (nikah). The boy and girl said yes and got married when they were 19 in a Mosque. Now some say that after the marriage, the couple is not practicing or learning Islam and keeping the same routine they had before. Her sister once said that the girl once said that there is no God and she does not believe in any organised religion. But when she talks to her family, she says salam and Khudahafiz etc. What is this Muslim family supposed to do in this case? They pray everyday that they become Muslim openly and practice it as much as possible.
What this world is coming to. May Allah save our children from such disaster.
Thank you and ma’salam.

Time: Thursday September 9, 2010 at 12:00 am

A: There is a lot of she said he said in your query. In Islam this is not good. We really should get facts with appropriate witnesses. However, due to your question being common, and such matters being prevalent, we have chosen to answer it with briefness. The least you can do is continue to pray for the faith of this couple. Assist in teaching our children and others that are close to us the Sacred values and articles of faith to minimize such repeat behavior within our environment.

Making salam alone does not make a person a Muslim, nor does using key terms like Khudahhafiz, etc. bring a person into Islam. Had religious word usage been the criteria of our faith, then by such a definition, over half the world would be Muslim!As you might be aware, religion demands a little more than key phrases, words, etc. It requires submission in its truest form.

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Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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