3 gem questions

Q: Imam, I have three questions; May Allah reward you!!
1. How could someone recover from love?-if especially the person is around every where they go, and they always hear the persons name being mentioned by friends.

2. What is the best deeds to Allah that a woman could do?

3. what can i do to be a good sister n wife?

Time: Wednesday July 14, 2010 at 12:14 am

A: Despite its simplicity, you have asked three superior questions. Similar questions were asked by the Sahaba to Rasulal (SAW) as well. Hadith is replete with responses that apply to you. I would paraphrase the response from hadith.

A1) Change your environment as much as possible. Try not to be where he is. Avoid entertaining discussions of him. Do not temp yourself by going out with the intention of seeing him. Sometimes our mind plays a trick with us, we know that our ‘ex’ would be a particular place. Although we say we not going to see him/her, deep down a side of us challengers us to just go anyways. Do not let this happen to you. Best yet, gradually change your network of friends. Sometimes it may not be you that wants to see him, it may be him that wants to flaunt himself or his more attractive spouse before you etc. So act with caution and common sense.

A2) Be diligent in performing your salah, give your zakat with promptness, fast in the month of Ramadhan (do the makeup you have missed as soon as possible for maximized reward) be good to your spouse (more so in every matter that is halal.) (paraphrased from hadith that applies directly to woman)

A3) Wish for others what you wish for yourself. Never lower your standards due to the petty nature of others.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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