‘can anyone use your body to feel good for a day/hour/minute?’

Q: Salam,

We have a plan to get married. Before were involved in temporary marriage. I am christian learning about Islam. He says he is Sunni.  He says his Imam said he should marry only a good Muslim woman. Does Imam need to know about temporary marriage? Is it haram temporary marriage for Sunni?

Thank you.

A: Greetings upon you as well. We appreciate your query. It is not clear if you are part of such a marriage or are intending such a marriage. Your second sentence has ambiguity in it. Regardless, we have attempted to make our thoughts clear to you.

  • I am unaware of what you mean by temporary marriage. If you are defining it as the following: marriage that has been fixed for a specified period of time – 6 hours, 6 months, etc. then such a marriage in Islam would not be viewed as permissible. Human emotions are not to be toyed with. Yes, we do not deny that a marriage in itself could last 6 months, 6 days, etc.  But to contract out a fixed time period for marriage is demeaning to woman, one’s personal values as well as the institution of marriage. It is a ‘fancy’ way to toy with the emotions of females that cannot find respectable partners but need to be in a relationship. It also proves the possible insecurity and lack of ability towards commitment on the part of a man that seeks to exploit a relational. We also question the integrity/desperation of such a woman/man that involves themselves in such‘temporary’ relationship(s)/contracts.
  • Although I am not questioning his/her level of faith, all we can do is wonder the good nature of a man that wants a ‘good Muslim woman’ when he seems to sanction the temporary marriage system which is not part of Islam as defined in the Quran! To say the least, it leaves a poor taste to not just People of the Book but Muslims as well. Would he like his daughters/mother to be treated as persons that fulfill male delights on a temporary scale as indicated above? Should he respond in the affirmative, in such an event all we can conclude, if a man does not value his family, what gives you hope that he would value you?!

More than marriage, I request you to seek a person that has a belief system that is compatible to your cherished values. Should his views change to reflect healthier spiritual thinking/behavior, this would prove much healthier for the both of you on all levels.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


One response to “‘can anyone use your body to feel good for a day/hour/minute?’

  1. I feel badly for this woman to let herself be used by this man! Using the term “temporary marriage” this can only end badly. He probably does not acknowledge her in public! I have been in a similar relationship, I can only say to christian sister get out! Get out before you are hurt more than you are being hurt by this user! I dont think he really has good intentions of marrying you.