Reality of life

Every human goes through some type of loss in this world which causes them grief and sorrow; be it the loss of one’s child, a close relative or the loss of wealth. Although this is a condition of adversity, it nevertheless remains a means of gaining the pleasure of Allah and earning entry into Jannah. It is recorded in the Hadith that a person who is deeply grieved will be from amongst those who are guaranteed the shade of the Arsh (throne of Allah) on the Day of Judgment. (al-Mustadrak by Hakim, confirmed as authentic by Imaam Dhahabi – 4: 330)


One response to “Reality of life

  1. Westerner comment: Hello, I am trying to understand the Islamic religion. I recently lost faith in my own religion(I was raised Catholic) for my own personal reasons. I find that some of the teachings in the islamic religion follow my own beliefs. I am having some confusion to the above posting. How can anyone place the loss of a family member on the same plane as loss of wealth? You could always gain wealth back, you cannot gain your family member back unfortunatly. So my understanding is that if you suffer a loss of a beloved family member and you are grief stricken, you will be saved on judgement day? Bear with me please Im learning. So if anyone can answer my question I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you and God Bless.