lost and found child

Q: A girl was 7 years old. She came to my home and lived with me for 17 years. She had no mother, father, no body. I rasied her. She become very successful Alhamdulillah. 3weeks ago she passed away. I am muslim, and she too is muslim. Now Imaam do I inherit or do I not inherit. Converted to dollars it is worth 3 million US dollars. I am not asking because I want her money. I am just wanting to know my religious rights. Sister from Qatar.

A: According to Qadi Iyaz, the following rule would apply: the money must be handed over to what is called the baytul-mal – religious treasury – trustworthy group of muftis . They must distribute it as per religion. They must also have your BEST interest in mind and give you a GOOD portion from it. Although you are eligible to inherit, the treasury would be best able to make this decision for you with its appropriate share for you.

Kindly take this response to them for greater evaluation.

May Allah bless you for raising this child. May Allah also continue to shower you and the rest of us with continual kindness.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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