Eid Announcement (1431) 2010

The Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake has accepted the evidence of the moon being sighted in Florida, Trinidad, and multiple sightings around the United States for  the beginning of Shawwal. Thus, Ramadaan for the year 1431 is now a memory. We hope you had a wonderfully blessed Ramadaan, and pray that you will enjoy a blessed and joyful Eid on Friday, September 10, 2010, inshaAllah.

Please arrive for Eid Salaah in a timely fashion, so that you may secure a parking space with as little trouble as possible.

Eid Program:
The Eid prayer is at 9.00 A.M. at Salt Palace (Room 255). As you are aware, first is the talk, followed by prayer, followed by a brief Arabic sermon. It would be wise for you to plan to arrive 45 minutes before the program begins, so as to give yourselves time for finding parking and reserving a prayer spot.

Sadaqatul Fitr:
Please do remember that your sadaqatul fitr needs to be given before the Eid salaah begins.

Note the change: There is a CHANGE with entrance to the underground parking lot at Salt Palace. Tomorrow, the County is closing the 300 West for the morning for another event. So the 300 W. entrance that was announced on our website will be closed. The new entrance to our parking lot (parking lot will be the same, the entrance is different) is: 100 South 280 West


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