can a disbeliever inherit from a muslim

Q: Can a disbeliever inherit from a muslim?

Q: Can a Muslim inherit from a disbeliever?

Q: Can a believer inherit form a murtad (person who let go of islam)?

A1) a disbeliever cannot inherit from a believer

A2) although according to the majority a muslim cannot inherit from a disbeliever, Imaam malik allows for a believer to inherit from a disbeliever.

A3) Although Imaam Shafee and Malik do not allow for inheritance from a murtad (renegade), Imaam Abu Hanifa states, one must evaluate the part in which the person was a disbeliever, and the part they were believers. The money made as believer can be inherited from, the remainder no.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

(See sharah of miskaat)

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