to some, debt is like death

Q: Ramadan is close by and i feel awful. The money i owe cuz of college is eating my heart out.  I owe 63 thousand dollars and dont even have a job. I read that the prophet refused to perform janazah salah of the anyone that owed money. So why has this law being changed?. Does this law no more apply?

A: There are two parts that pertain to the law you have made mention of:

Part one: When people first past away, the Rasulaullah (SAW) did not perform the janazah salah of the one that owed money to people. He was rebuking the behavior of owing people money etc. and not taking pride in its payment. He (SAW) was making them responsible for all their actions. Training them to be their very best. Naturally, as the sahaba gained responsibility in their lives, the debt ration went down, however, some members of society would never be able to eliminate debt all together, due to circumstances, etc. Thus, being a man (saw) for all of humanity, naturally the following came into existence:

Part two: He (SAW) would make arrangements to pay of the debt of the deceased. Once debt aspect had been taken care off, he (saw) would perform the janazah salah of the deceased.

The above proves the mercy and kindness of the prophet peace be upon him upon his (saw) followers. Also we learn the importance of assisting the deceased, rather than slandering them. At the same time, the deceased also learn from the above the need to pay of debts in a responsible manner as soon as possible.

Do not become responded in the Mercy of the Creator. Pray hard, work hard and inshaAllah you would eventually pass your current test of life. Each of us are undergoing a difficulty. Yours is not an easy one. May Allah always keep you on His guided path, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

(See sharah of miskaat)


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