‘eating or buying beef and chicken from Walmart’

Q: Assalam Alikoum,Ramadan Kareem and may Allah bless you all.

Please I am asking regarding eating or buying beef and chicken from Walmart , fresh market or other local stores. Is it allowed to be eaten or not? the Muslim shops are very expensive and you know the financial problem as we are refugees here and we have very limited financial aids.

Thank you and would like to get your reply asap
(name withheld)

Time: Wednesday August 11, 2010 at 1:33 am

وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

The fact that you have asked such a question is an indication that you care about what you place into your belly. Allah is wanting you to do the right thing. The only way such good thoughts would continue to come your way is if you limit your temptation towards distraction with matters that relate to difference of opinion as it relates to the ‘meat’ matter.

Rest assured of the following: what you place in your body would affect your spirituality and the good deeds done by you. It would also affect the relationship you have with those around you.

Comment to facts shared by you:

Being poor is not a curse. We must accept our position in life. Kindly do not take offense, Alhamdulillah, many refugees live better then native Americans and rural white and African American folks in glorious America! My heart is with you, so is my desire for you to do the right thing. Some are poor so that they remain doing good, for the Creator knows that if some are given wealth, they would deviate and go towards incorrect behaviors. By contrast, some are given wealth, for the Creator knows that if they were deprived, they would go towards disbelief. (paraphrased from hadith.) You are living through a blessing is disguise, one the day of Judgment you would thank the Creator for you current lot in life.

Why our answer:

As for eating halal meat, if you cannot afford it, then learning to make do without any meat at all or limiting your intake towards only halal sources whenever you might be able to afford such would be essential. As people of faith, merely being poor would not give one the right to marry an aunt due to her being more understanding of your financial situation; due to not having enough resources for the purchase of expensive medication the usage of vodka or illegal drugs does not become permitted etc. Likewise, merely being poor would not give one the right to eat foods that are not slaughtered in the name of Allah.


If the meat(s) attained was slaughtered from a halal animal in the name of Allah (by a believer), then it would be halal. Generally, such is not the case for the above stores mentioned.

Thus, if it is slaughtered in the non-Muslim manner, then we cannot vouch for it being halal. One should abstain from such products.


I am sure more people like you  that want to do the right thing exist, a group of you should seek out a farm that is licensed to allow you to do a slaughter. Make a weekend of it once every few months and do your own slaughter. It would be less expensive and more spiritually rewarding. People are already doing this in various places, likewise, you to should attempt this if Allah Wills.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

admin note: Also, in looking at diets or those cultures and/or people that refrain from meat consumption — either due to religion or health related matter,  effective substitutes to meat exist, so one must look into them especially for better heath and spiritual purposes– especially, since haram meats typically contain more hormones and cloning issues, versus homestead/farm slaughtered.

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  1. AOA,
    In this matter I want to add something. Most people belief that if a vegeterian person belonging to hindu religion cooks vegeterian food they can eat it. When I was in college I happened to be with an Indian person. We used to eat together a lot (Not Haram food). One day I asked my vegeterian friend if he boils rice or cooks cereal in the name of his lords like we do Bismillah before anything and he said Yes He should so he does it whenever he remembers it before he starts cooking food. So I told him Please if we are eating together do not cook food in the name of your lords as I will Not be able to eat then becuause of my religious belief” He did not get offended and said Ok. Point is Muslims go to indian resturant or ask for catering without knowing that the the cook inside may have been making food in the name of their different gods.

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