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Q: Assalama Alaykoum,

Q1.Can you please tell us the details on the best times dua are accepted:
I heard at iftar time but exactly when-before you break your fast, after you break your fast and before you pray magrib or after you pray magrib?
I also heard that on fridays there is an hour when the heavens is open and your dua is accepted( when is it- before kutbah, after kutbah, before asr prayer or after asr prayer?)

Q2. Can you also please tell us on the etiquettes on making dua?
Jazakllahu khair for your time

Time: Saturday August 21, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Answers: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Part 1: This was a discussion that took place between the Sahaba as well. The opinions are many. We only share the most accepted ones.

Multiple opinions exist.

  • Between the two kutbas on Friday. (That is why, the best khutba is an Arabic one, what better than making dua in-between the language of the prophet (SAW) and Allah, Ameen!)
  • The time of tahajud
  • Time when opening fast
  • Odd nights of Ramadan would gain greater acceptance then other nights.
  • From Thursday magrib to Friday magrib. According to Imaam Ahmad bin Hambal and Imaam Abu Hanifa the best time is between Thursday Magrib and Friday moments before the Magrib azan. And the most superior time from this time is the time just before sunset on Friday. Many hadith also bring up this point. (eg. Abu Dawood.)  I would give this as my be recommendation for you as well. (i have seen my teachers that were shiek-ul-hadith –masters of hadith follow this special practice of making dua just prior to the magrib azan on Friday.

Part 2: A recommendation from the vast set of recommendations would be as follows: Give some charity before you pray to a needy family member, etc. Make whudu,  send some salutations to the prophet (pbuh), read some quran, pray two rakat salah. Send salutations to the prophet (saw) again as you raise your hand to ask the Creator, praise and thank Allah for all the good He has given you, then start asking Allah for the wants of your parents, then your other family, friends, and neighbors, then yourself. End with salutations upon the prophet (SAW) and praise of Allah. (Show kindness when praying for others, and Allah would accept your duas for yourself, Ameen.)

Rest assured, your duas would be accepted in due course if you were sincere to its calling.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

May All your duas be accepted. I ask you to pray for me, my admin team and every contributor to this site as well as every needy person.


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