My child is a (cute) monster

Q: Imaam I have a 4 year old. He is hell on earth. I cannot tolerate him. He jumps in front of moving cars and got hit two times. He jumps on top on the kitchen tables and of it and I fear his going to hurt his head. A monster is an angel when I see him. He is son and I do love him. Is there something I can read on him so his evil gets in half? I sent yu this question 4 times. Does anyone even look at it? (email)

Answer: Recite the following ayah from the Quran with total faith in the Creator and the fact that His Book is cure to all matters. The ayah to be recited and blown over his head and body is as follows: وَوَجَدَکَ ضَآلّاً فَھَدٰی 93:7

93:7 Better yet, read the ayah which is found in surah 93:7 and blow it in water for him to drink.

Work on your child’s level of energy and refocus it. Many mischief makers have proven themselves rather well in life. InshalAllah your child would grow up to be the joy of the family,  this requires you to always be on top regarding him. As he develops, never side with his wrongs, accept his weaknesses and help develop them into strengths. Be kind when necessary, be very firm when necessary as well. Be balanced, and you both would be winners, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. We do not deal in amaliyat (telling people things to read and do things for quick fixes.) I prefer to answer questions to which clear answers exist. May Allah bless your child.Everything good read with total conviction in the Creator would assist a good person.


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