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Q:I am 3 months pregnant. we are poor. we have no parents near us. i am really scared and alone. it is our first child. we live in  xxxxxx (omitted by our site) we are married. we just found out three days ago. i fear for my baby if i fast. Must I still fast or do I feed poor? is there something i can read. plze help me.

A: Allah gives barakah to a sincere set of parents. You do not need to be fearful.  This child would bring Barakah into the family. Your role is to be sincere and give it your best to ensure  the best. Courage would make you stronger, courage would make your relationship with your husband stronger and the bond between you and your child much more of a superior quality. Fear creates creates havoc in your life. Refrain from it when you have the right to have a child. Pray on time and do what is correct. Evil begets evil. Good produces good.(derived from Quran and Hadith.)

Fear is from the frail ego of humans and have been set in motion by the evil taunts of satan (paraphrased/derived from Quran.) In a permissible (halal) relationship one would gain the Mercy of Allah (SWT), this Mercy extends to the faithful and practicing believers. Read Quran in the most beautiful of voice, its effect would be splendid upon the child, InshaAllah, Ameen.


Pregnancy itself would not be a valid reason to not fast. Should a good pious doctor claim that fasting would cause adverse consequences to your health and/or the health of your child, then upon such an instance you would do the qadah (makeup) after Ramadaan or when your health permits.

Should qadah not be possible, you may give the fidya. Upon recovery, you should still try and do qadah of the missed fast.

Allah Certainly knows Best.

p.s. kindly go to your local center and ask to speak to a senior woman and have them direct you to those that can best assist you. You should not feel guilty with seeking your necessary assistance. Also contact your local government agencies without delay. Contact me for advice without hesitancy in the manner you have done so via this email.


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