bismillah and surah tauba

Q: Sura Tauba:

We do not recite bismillah when we start sura Tauba. If I am starting Sura Tauba in the middle as an example I recite half today and start reciting from Iyat 51 tomorrow – Will I say Bismillah if I start reciting in the middle of sura Tauba?


  • One can read Bismillah for barakah, as they do when they start reading the quran. This Bismillah that is read would not be part of the surah. It would be independent of it.
  • You are correct in that if you are continuing from the prior surah, you would continue without the added recitation of Bismillah.
  • When reading out of salah, reading bismillah would always add to barakah (blessedness) to ones action (derived from hadith) Your doing so in the middle of the surah would also be correct and would be an added blessing to your already blessed action.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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