anorexic patient … fast…

Q: I am an anorexic patient. I tend to throw up. i am getting it under control. I am not  eating when i throw up. So does my fast break or just whudu. (email)

A: Vomiting is of multiple types. Self-induced (made it happen) versus non-induced (it just happened). Mouthful verses non-mouthful. Mouthful would be viewed as that amount one cannot hold in their mouth with ease.

  • If one did not induce it, it just flowed out, also its amount was a mouthful and it was swallowed it, then this would invalidate the fast. A makeup would be warranted. If it was less than a mouthful and non-induced, the fast would remain intact. (in the case of anorexics, this may not be the case!) Non-induced and less than a mouthful would NOT negate fast.
  • One made the vomit take place, the amount was a mouthful, even if you did not swallow it, the fast would break. A makeup would be necessary.

May Allah grant you cure, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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