can a male wear a silver ring

Q: Can a male wear a silver ring? (text)

Q: I am told you say no to men wearing rings. Y? Other scholars say yes

A: Yes a man can wear a silver ring that does not exceed 4.83 grams (some convert it to 4.86 grams) of silver.

When one group gives full leeway to wear it and another prefers that woman adorn themselves with it, we should examine as to why this is the case. In matters that pertain to difference of opinion, we should refrain from its usage or limit its usage to (zaroorah) necessity.

It is best for woman to adorn themselves with jewelry. Men can wear it out of medical etc. necessity. Rasulullah (SAW) did wear a ring; however it was not for mere male beautification. It was used as a stamp or practical purposes that is lacking in current men.

Kindly see the works of Imaam tahawi, Badai Asanai, Fatwa hindiya and Radd-ul muktar – ibn A’bidin for greater clarification, for these brilliant authors are our referent point.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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