your home has issues

Q: In my house I am following California. We all live in california. My brother is following Texas we used to live there for 10 years and his friends are doin it so they tell him what to do, my mom is following Saudi Arabia bec it’s the holy land, my dad says he is not going to fast at all due to the confusion and my grandma is following XXXXXXX who is following mecca. Who do I follow in my home? My brother in law that graduated from Medinah University wants me to follow him but goes to college and never follows religion and acts like a joey. Each wantss me must follow them. What’s this correct. (text)

A: Religion is not a mockery. This matter is not a mockery. Follow your local Islamic center that has an Imaam that is true to his word/action/practice. Do your research on this matter when you are in a better state of affairs. If you fasted a day less, do a makeup, if you fasted a day more, make istigfar (ask Allah for forgiveness.) Fasting is not a joke; we must do it exactly as the Creator demands.

Do not create fitna (unwanted arguments) with those around you. Do not impose your ways, more so if you are ignorant about the facts. This only makes shaytan happy. Islam is not merely about following California, Texas, etc. It’s about doing the right thing with facts at hand. Mature adults do not follow mere emotions or petty sentiments. Upon discussing the matter with a qualified person that shares with you all the facts and helps you learn all the details that surround this matter, you would make a more rational decision.

Ramadhan Mubarak.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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