‘leave the jinnie in a bottle alone’

Q: Assalam Imam,

1)I was wondering if it was true that the Jinn can read our minds? 2) Also is it true that regular humans can read minds through magic or Jinn possesion?  I heard that the devils from the Jinn and humans who practice magic can read a person mind and can even see what you are imagining.Time: Monday July 26, 2010 at 1:28 pm

A1) وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Allah has given jinn certain types of strength to read into things better then you and i. This does not mean they always do justice to the strength Allah has given them. No different from humans. The credit we often give to jinn as related to their accuracy is not often valid. We give them greater due as a result of our low Imaan. Little do we realize, humans are the greatest creation of Allah. Jinn love it when humans being the higest of creation fear at times the lowest of low!

Like humans, Jinns deceive a lot and often share  incorrect data. Whatever they read from ‘our minds’ should be viewed with a grain of salt. We should not depend on their claims at all. They give us information to impress us and we get impressed due to our lack of faith ( which is also often linked to our desperation.) The insight Allah gives us can be stronger than that of jinnies. Insight from Allah is given to all those that give themselves to Him. Using jinns and associating with such people lowers the imaan and reduces the dependence upon the Creator. It can also lead to shirk and kufr. Dependence on jinns makes us paranoid, physically and  spiritually weak. This weakness causes us to replace faith with filth.

2) We must not seek out people that exploit the creation of Allah for their personal benefit. This is a sin. Every creature of Allah has a set of rights. To associate with people that are involved in mind control and use their rotten energies to exploit any entity (maklooq of Allah) is haram. It is zulm (oppression) to exploit any entity of Allah. Shared information from jinn can be correct, but it is far from absolute, lacks accuracy and rahmat (mercy.) We must depend on Allah alone, not people for the great stories they share to us. Yes, people can tell you strange things with the assistance of Jinn and shaytan. For the most part, such people are the friends of shaytan and we should stay aloof of such people. Stay away from jinns and people that toy with them. These are the agents of dajjal. Many humans and jinn are the friends of shaytan. Even though they may impress a person from time to time, stay away from such people.

Depend on Allah, and Allah would give you greater insight then shaytan, jinn and people that toy with them.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. Although exceptions to the above exists, we see many modern jinnie holders involved in lining their pockets rather then helping humanity. Since distinguishing fake from real is most difficult for the amateur, our uluma have advised us to best depend on Allah then dabble in the doubtful and jeopardize our Imaan.


2 responses to “‘leave the jinnie in a bottle alone’

  1. Thank you shaikh. I was learning about jinn and read some where that the jinn can read minds and people who commit magic. Thanks again shaik for your anwswer. Also i do not associate with jinn or magic.

    • welcome.
      I never assume that you or anyone associates with jinn or magic. In fact, i don’t know who you are, where you are from, etc.
      I answer to all in this firm manner. Our response on this matter seems harsh due to our firmness against those that wish to go the wrong way. Not you, but others.
      Its nothing against you. We do appreciate your question. May Allah bless you and keep us all on the Guided Path, Ameen.