loans and hajj is just not a good match

Q: a kum

I have  question about “Hajj, Mortgage and finnancing for car….”

(1)  If i have a mortgage for home(its loan i think )can i goi for  hajj? and

(2) if i have a car on finnancing, can i gop for hajj??

these are my two question i m living in north america and these twi things are very common in our life.

(name withheld)
Time: Monday July 26, 2010 at 9:13 pm

A: On a fixed loan – yes.

Make the genuine niyat that you are paying of your loans as soon as possible.

As an added note:

Under ideal conditions, pay of your loans, then go for hajj. However, many people in western societies have set themselves in such a manner, that they may never be debt free. This is bad habit. To intentionally do so is a sin. Under general circumstances the following would apply, pay of your depth then go for hajj. If this is impossible, make a bequest that after you pass away, someone would go for Hajj on your behalf.

Should the above added note not work out for you, make lots of istigfaar, go for your hajj if the loan is fixed and make an intention to pay it back as soon as possible.

Allah certainly knows best

p.s. kindly refrain from taking a car or home loan on interest. How can one expect their hajj to be accepted when they delving in haram? May Allah accept your hajj and help us all attain a clean slate. Also we agree, it is best to stay away from haram transaction. Allah is Pure and we must give Him our best.

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