if you need an abaya, please dont buy it inside the musjid!

Q: Alssalam alykum Imam,
What is the ruling of selling random stuff in the masjid? And does that differ from selling other specific islamic stuff like (Hijab and Sijada and Prayer clothing)? Can we buy from the person who is selling in the masjid random stuff or religion related ones?
the fatwa in our masjid says that it is okay to do that as long as it is something beneficial to our Muslim sisters like hijabs and abayas etc. But there is some of the sisters who bring jewelery and other stuff is that okey?

Time: Friday August 6, 2010 at 9:37 pm

Q: Ya shiek, can I sell books/abayas in the musjid to benefit the musjid and myself? 80% for musjid, 20% for me.It is to uplift the ummah and encouragement for better Islamic attire. Email me is I am not clear. Ok? (email)

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Certain places are considered sacred. A musjid is the House of Allah. Selling articles in the Houses of Allah under general circumstances remains firmly against the sacred position of a musjid. Some Islamic centers call themselves masjids, but in reality they are not masjids in the truest sense of the word.

Your musjid cannot pass a fatwa that stipulates: ‘it is okay to do that as long as it is something beneficial to our Muslim sisters like hijabs and abayas etc.’ This fatwa is bogus and lacks depth. Muslim sisters are shopping in all places. They going shopping for food, shoes, gifts, roam the internet, eBay, etc. We live in a mobile society; the argument that they must buy it from a musjid is superficial and self-serving.

We must be cautious of our labeling of sacred Structures such as masjids if they are to represent a mere meeting place in which various activities including business transactions take place. Having this in the back of our minds, if you are still sure that people are selling products in the musjid, kindly have the following ‘true fatwas’ and ‘true Hadith’ evaluated by your imam and presented to the buyers, sellers and hirers (with appropriate committee approval.)

Although leeway has been given towards people that sell in the path of Allah for the sake of Allah — wherein profits go towards charity and not towards private citizenry. The general consensus is as follows

  • Imaam Shafee states that if an item is sold, not out of habit and regularity, but due to some unique condition, the sale would go through, however, if this transaction is a disturbance to those that are praying, then such dealings are to be terminated. Those taking part in it would be viewed as sinful. After all, the musjid or place of worship is not a bazar!
  • Imaam Abu Hanefa and Imaam Malik view such dealings as makrooh (disliked actions.) Things that are disliked should be refrained from at all times. (our ruling is based on this.)
  • Imaam Ahmad bin Hanbal prohibits such a transaction and considers it invalid.

All of the above scholars agree that the musjid is not a place to take part in venture capital dealings. We should attend the musjid to increase our spiritual contact with Allah, not go to the musjid to target and be targets of sellers, buyers and hirers.

Should the sayings (qoul) of the above not suffice, reflect upon the hadith below. The following hadith would quell even the hardest of heart due to its apparent clarity:

Rasulullah (SAW) said: If you observe a person selling or seeking to buy within the masjid, then tell to him (her): May Allah not profit you in your transaction. And if you witness a person making an announcement concerning his lost property, then say to him/her: May Allah not return your property to you.

Sure, the ‘telling’ of the above hadith should be done with those in a position of religious authority. To create arguments is not part of the dignity of a believer. We cannot solve problems with the creation of greater problems (fitna.)

Side comment/cordial advice you can share to committees and people that care: I appreciate the need for Abayas and other Islamic attire. Just as the attire is important, the manner of attaining it is just as important. Likewise, just as acquiring money is imperative, one must attain it in a manner that reduces all doubt and contaminated affects upon its gathering.

Our sincere recommendation is that people should abstain from buying, selling and hiring transactions in the musjid. If need be, they should go out of the musjid in an appropriate area that allows for the sacredness of the musjid to be maintained and minimizes contamination of your rizq (financial.)

Pray your salah, pray for those that attend. Make a sincere Dua to Allah (SWT) that He allows Musjids to be Musjids and not business houses and social centers of amassing wealth and social status.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

quote to reflect upon: In his Friday sermon at Mecca’s Grand Mosque, the influential Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Sudais lashed out at what he labeled “fraudulent” fatwas, likening their originators to market vendors selling fake or spoiled/rotten goods.

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  1. Alssalam alikum Imam,
    Can I print your answer and put it in the masjid for the ladies to read?

    • Wa Alaykum Salaam,
      You can print the question and answer to post in your masjid, with appropriate masjid committee approval (of course).