‘I have some Deep concerns’

I have some Deep concerns I would like to pass on.I’ve been muslim or a short time now and I am from a christian background. we were taught that we could not serve 2 masters and God knows our hearts and when we are playing with HIM.
well, as a muslim and being a slave of allah I still believe that.
I have made alot of muslim friends and I have seen this. brothers against brothers, jealousy, trying to destroy our brothers when they try to succeed and I know in my heart and soul that is completely against what allah teaches.

to me my dear brother that is serving the wrong master. praying 5 times a day does not forgive their continous bad behavior. don’t they realize that? or do they just like playing with allah? thinking that they are above HIM ( allah).

their bad behavior is a slap in the face to our Allah. we should be happy and rejoicing when our brother is trying to succeed and we should cry with them when they fail and not to tear each other down.
why do we push aside the what allah taught us through the prophets? we should not be part of this world, we should be set ourselves apart from sin. but yet we give into satan. destorying each other instead of uplifting each other. why are we two face to our brothers and sisters? if we are friends be that friend not to build dirt to destroy them. or turn our backs against them.
thank u for your time

Time: Friday July 30, 2010 at 5:09 pm
A: We truly cannot thank you enough for sharing your thoughts. It really does mean a lot to us. Your points are worthy of reflection. May you be blessed in all you do, Ameen.



2 responses to “‘I have some Deep concerns’

  1. Exactly! Why can’t people be happy for someone when they succeed or when something awesome happens to them? I was raised by my parents in this way to have no jealousy or mal- intentions towards others. Yet time and time again I run into two faced people who act like they are happy for you and congratulate you, then tear you up or bad mouth you to others behind your back. Thank you for your post!

  2. Dear questioner,
    Assalam Alakium
    I understand your concern, and have witnessed what you have witnessed, however don’t let the actions of Muslims give a negative light to Islam. Islam is wonderful in the sense that it not only guides us spiritually but it also teaches us how to function morally, emotionally, physically, etc in Islam. It is a complete package that needs to be followed, its not just about prayer. I myself have witnessed people who pray regularly, but they can be the worst of humans personality wise with conceit, arrogance, and pride. Maybe they are praying for the wrong reasons. Allah knows best and he is the best of judges. Jealousy and racism amongst Muslims is a sad fact that does not exist in Islam, but is a product of pride. Don’t let it get to you. A way that I deal with all this is that I try to be the best that I can be and focus on bettering myself. If someone is acting superior than me, I just leave at that and I try to act objective and respectful as much as a can. The way I see it, some of these people have pre-conceived notions about a person sometimes simply from where they are from. They will act negatively towards you. In reaction, I treat with them with respect. Believe me I have changed the perception of a couple of people just by doing this, they have a little more respect of people from the country I am from. Now not all people are so simple to deal with and will continue with their pride and jealous,y these people, my friend, are lost. Just make dua for them and don’t let what others think bother you a bit. When appropriate speak up for yourself in a calm and respectful manner, making a point across.

    One last thing, Prophet Muhammad (s) would truly be sad to see his Ummah in the state that we are in. Something that I keep on reminding myself so I can be on the right track is, that I don’t want to be the person to disappoint our beloved prophet. He worked hard and suffered alot for us to establish Allah’s word, so we can’t go backwards to the time of Jahiliyya.

    I am first saying the above to myself and then to others.
    May Allah (swt) guide us inshallah and let us see the light in matters.