taraweeh and sajdah

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Can i sit and perform taraweeh salah when another hafez exits? My only problem is that i would not be able to make sajdah.

A: Due to a necessity one can sit. If you cannot make the physical sajdah with forehead being placed on the ground, then you must hand over the responsibility to the other hafez.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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  1. from the office of Br Yassir:
    Here are the opinions:
    1-Malikis: The Imaam of a sitting man cannot be accepted while the congregation is able to do Qiyam.
    2-Hanbalis: Only and only, under two conditions is the Imama of a sitting person be allowed on his able congregation (able to stand)
    a-He is temporarily sick and we expect the ailment to subside.
    b-There salaat according to the Madhab is acceptable while in the madhab it is preferable that they follow sitting down (Mughni Iban Qudamah).
    This was based on the actions of four sahabis Osaid bin Hudair, Jabir, Abu Huraira and Qais bin Fahad.
    3-The Shafis and the Classical Hanafi opinion is that the last two actions of Rasool (SAW) leading sitting are Nasikh to following the Imam sitting if he is sitting but rather following a sitting Imam while standing is allowed.

    Bottom line is the more able an Imam is to perform all the functions of the Salaat perfectly the more encouraged he should be to lead and vice versa.