‘jewelry business. I bought it form a faithful Christian family’

Q: I run a jewelry business. I bought it form a faithful Christian family. So most of our stuff is selling of crosses and other Christian emblems? We have no other business choice and it is a situation os survival. Do you ever answer????! (email)
A: It would always be best for a muslim to refrain from selling things that are not consistent with his/her faith. To sell that which implies that Issa (AS) was crucified is against the values of the Quran and sunnah. To sell the cross when other options do exist for trade would be impermissible. As Muslims we must command good and sell products that propagate our good religious sentiments.

Seek out other business alternatives or seek out a gradual change in line of products. Do not become complacent. Markets take part is trend and changes. Be observant and sensitive to this change.

What you sell impacts your Imaan, so be cautious on what you sell and consume.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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