sajdah sahw

Q: Ya Shiek last year before i went in front to perform taraweeh I was soo nervous and i think this caused my problem. i was reading the sunnah after the esha salah.  I am asking you because I am not getting a str8 answer on this. It’s causing confusion. I needed to make sajdah sahw in the final sitting. I finish read ashadualla illaha illalala till its end. As I was about to make the salam to make the sajdah sahw I passed wind and my whudu broke. So what I did was make salam.  my imaam told me that salam was correct for salat was over. I don’t feel this answer is right. Now how would you rule?

A: Your slaah could not have been over, you had one thing left:the sajdah sahw. Since you could not do it due to your whudu breaking, you would have the following options:

*Make Binaa. (binaa refers to building or taking off from where you left off.) This means you should have went and made a new whudu and completed the salah from the part left off. Thus, in the process, making the sajdah sahw as well. However, although this Binaa can be done, it would be always better for one to repeat the entire salah. Staring the salah all over again would have been more beneficial.

Without this sajdah sahw, your salah remained invalid.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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