‘they would dump you in a hole’

Q: In Saudi I visited an area called (xxxxx). In this place if you die and have not performed salah or given your zakat did not perform hajj and died they would dump you in a hole and not perform janaza salah for you. Is this wahhaabi islam or regular islam?

Time: Wednesday June 9, 2010 at 11:04 pm

A: I remain ignorant regarding ‘regular islam to that of wahabi islam.’ All we are aware of Islam as outlined by Quran and sunnah and our answer is to proceed under such parameters.

Salah, zakah and Hajj are matters that are brought up numerous times in the quran and Hadith. To reject them would make one a disbeliever. This does seem to be the case based on this query. Thus the following would apply.

Any person that refuses to perform hajj when having the ability has associated themselves very close to the disbeliever in terms of faith. Such a person is a great transgressor. Transgressors in themselves do not become disbelievers (kaffirs.) They do become worthy of a non-respectable janazah prayer as rebuke of their ill (kabaair) decisions.

Just some added points before a rule is given

Any person that has not given his/er zakat has surly deprived themselves of  purifying their wealth. On the day of Judgment the wealth would come to them in the form of a snake and chase them with serious torment. Imaam malik makes mention of this Hadith as well. Such a person remains a sinner. Sinner does not mean disbeliever (kaffir.)

Likewise, any person neglecting to perform salah has surly reached the brinks of kufr. Is such a person a kaffir?No.  We do agree, that such a person is a no different from a soulless person.

Not giving zakat and depriving the poor of their right, not going for hajj when having the capability and ability to do so, likewise neglecting salah are deviant actions that allow for a person’s testimony to be rejected, a person can chose to not eat at the homes of such sinners, one can even chose to limit interactions with them, or keep interactions to a bare minimum.

To deny salah, zakat or hajj as tenants of Islam is kufr and denial of janazah salah would be most correct. Should denial of the above not take palce whilst the claim of Imaan exits, then under such conditions the following rule should best be adhered to:

It would be best for the main (major/senior) imams of the area to not perform the janaza salah. Preferably the family should appoint a person to perform it, this person should be the most basic of believer and merely get the task accomplished. Under ideal conditions, a fajir (sinner) should perform the janazah salah of a fajir.This way, we do the janazah whilst giving a rebuke to those that violate the deen and also make it known to sinner that if they violate major tenants of deen, they too would be deprived of a respectable janazah salah.

I am humbled and shaken by this question. May Allah guide me, give me and my family a good respectable life and death, as well as all those that associate with me, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

P.s. here is an added response you may like to view from a colleague. His opinion is a little more tranquil than mine, yet it remains just as correct and inspiring for the one seeking change as well as preventing us from judging people. Although we should not encourage wrong, we are to guide with wisdom.  http://islam.forumup.it/post-29323-islam.html


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