4th of july; ‘lets hang out with tight clothed half naked pork eating party making booze guzzling ‘humans’ (to say the least)’

Q1: Is celebrating 4th of july allowed? Going to parks? Watching fireworks? Attenting parties with friends? BarBques? (text)

Q2: Imaam saeb, Our family is attending 4th of july event. I know last year i was forced to go. i was called a fundermentelist when i refused. People had alcohol in brown bags. i was offered weed. People were doing (XXXXXXXXX) If done with a family because they insist would i still be sinful?? To what degree can we intentionally hang out with tight clothed half naked pork eating party making booze guzzling humans without it being bad? texas (email)

Q3: Shiek does going to a 4th of july party with Islamic dress code allowed? For unity with muslims can we attend? …. not all muslims wud be at the (xxxxx). It would be at (xxxxx) park.  (text)


A1: Not allowed

A2: Yes sinful

A3: Stop making a mockery of yourself and your religion

Ruling based on following:

There seems to be concern relating to this matter based on the multiple texts that have been sent within the past 72hours. There also seems to be a concern of youth wanting to do the right thing. It also seems a clash is taking place between parents and children. Parents want to party, children want the Creator! The claim that children are seeking corruption does not seem like a valid claim in recent times.

Sayidinah Umar bin Al-Khattab reports that once a Jew said to me, ‘O leader of the believers. There is a verse in your Book which is read by all of you and had it been revealed to us, we would have taken that day as a day of celebration.’  Sayidinah Umar inquired, ‘which is that verse?’ The Jew replied, ‘This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.’ (5:3) Sayidinah Umar replied, ‘Undoubtedly we know when and where this verse was revealed to the Prophet (Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam). It was Friday and the Prophet (Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) was standing at Arafa. (Bukari)

Allah has given Muslims a perfect religion. Islam abrogates all previous religions and elements that conflict with its teachings.  It is the duty of a Muslim to attain perfection in all matters. Muslims must act in a manner that does not contradict their core religious values. Following traditions that contradict one’s Islamic values remains a bad example. Following a system other than Islam implies that Islam is incomplete and non-religious methods must be incorporated to attain satisfaction.

Likewise, to love one’s country and culture is appropriate in Islam. To incorporate holidays or events that lack a religious basis (be it Jewish, Christian as in the case for those that are part of these faiths) is demeaning of one’s faith orientation. To incorporate a (sunnah) family-like meeting with that of the ‘4th of July’ under the banner of a ‘family sanctioned event’ and thereafter wanting a religious outcome within their family structure are residing in a fools paradise. Such thinking remains an insult to ones core belief— regardless of how nice sounding or patriotic the reasoning maybe. To do an alternative function would be more rewarding and less of a mockery upon self and religion.

To be part of such traditions or to witness such events (knowingly) would be would be no different then giving support to it. This is just wrong in Islam. Food attained from such events would not allow for a positive/pious outcome related towards superior worship. To intentionally be in the close proximity with strangers that remain ‘tight clothed half naked pork eating party making booze guzzling ‘humans’  (to say the least) is not an indication of morality by any standards.

The dress code norms implemented in these surrounding would not only be insulting, but for parents to encourage their children to be part of such gathering is lowly. It is insulting to take Muslim children to such gathering with head scarves and and other religious adornment! It is just asking for trouble. For parents that insist that ‘hijab’ is still a well functioning trait even in 4th of July events have turned religion into a mockery. Should such be the case, it would be better to be a modern and know one is wrong and repent then be a religious farce (fake, phony) with a claim of perceptual ‘piety.’

Contradictory messages facilitate in breaking down  personal values and seeks to demand retribution from the Creator. Parents owe religious standards and responsibility in the traditions they chose to impart towards their children so as to minimize the long term shedding of painful tears. We should shun such practices with class and dignity. As believers, we should instill ourselves with the best of values and be the best of examples in all matters.

Allah Certainly Knows Best

p.s. We are not against 4th of July nor are we against America or its allies. We are viewing this matter from a  purely religious standpoint. We just do not have a religious proof for its validity. We hope you would be mature to accept our response as such.

p.ss. The park you have mentioned according to police report have picked up prostitutes, alcohol and drug violators repeatedly. Highest in comparison to other local parks in the given mentioned area. I honesty do not think your parents would take you their on this given day!


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