Stories of the Stupid and the Oblivious by Ibn Al-Jawzee

(Page 106, Dar-Al-Fikr 1990)

It is said that one community leader went to lead the community in Friday prayer.  He ascended the Mimbar (pulpit) and said “O people if you respect me, I will give you respect and if you consider me insignificant and disrespect me I will hold you less significant than this Fart (passing gas) and then he proceeded to fart while on the Mimbar (pulpit)!

(comment by Yasir:  This leader to earn respect forgot that he during this process invalidated his own Salaat and that of the entire community.  The theater of the Absurd! May Allah keep us away from desires and egos that blind)

Translation and contribution for youth reformation:

Br Yassir Butt

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