laughter, salah and whudhu

Q: i was told that if i laugh a little loud you break your wadhu? (Can you clarify as BEST as possible.) (email)

A: You may have not understood the person for what they really said, or the full context of the link between laughter and salah must have been missed.

Let us share the link between laughter and salah

Laughing in salah to the extent that another person cannot hear it does not break whudh, just the salah is broken. A smile or laughter out of salah does not break whudhu. To make whudhu after loud laughter, abusive language, lies is good to do.

Laughing to the extent that someone else can hear your laughter breaks whudhu and salah (even though they did not hear it. The fact that you know they can hear it would break both — whudhu and salah.)

Excessive laughter is not good. It takes away the remembrance of the Creator.

The following is what he may be referring to:

The uluma recommend that if we laugh loud, more so as a result of rude jokes, obscenity, etc. then one can make whudhu. This is a mere recommendation to make us more aware of our humaness/muslimness.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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