chatter box in the House

Q: Alhamdulillah we have events in masjids. Most brothers and sisters come for quran khatam. When someone dies we get together and read the quran. Thereafter people sit and start to talk in the masjid. There is gossip. Other times there is talk about politics and selling of cars and hajj tickets. What is the ruling on this?

A: Rasulullah has forewarned us that a time would come when people would talk about worldly matters in the Houses of Allah. We are warned against socializing with such people in the Masaajids. They are being cursed by Allah. We should refrain from being in the company of those that chose to be cursed.

To talk in the masaajid out of necessity is not a sin. One must do so very softly and only to the extent that it is necessary. Classes of benefit being thought in the masajid are allowed, so long as those that are praying are not disturbed and it is not done during prayer times so as to inconvenience the general public.

When we gossip about others, we transfer our good deeds to them. Just as fire eats up wood (Hadith), we too reduce our good deeds when we talk ill of others. As it has been reported, when we indulge in worldly chatter in the Houses of Allah, the angels announce, O friend of Allah, be silent.  If such a person does not stop, then the angels announce, O enemy of Allah, be silent. Should the person not cut short their chatter, the angels then say, Allah’s curse be upon you. (oh human.) Refrain (hold back) your tongue.

The maximum reward is for the one that comes to the masjid, accomplishers their task and moves on with their life. Pure intentions and actions attain maximum reward.

There is a place and time for everything. A place of worship is just not the place of worldly chatter. Such chatter also prevents others from praying and functions as a distraction.

Give respect to the Signs and Symbols of Allah and Allah would give you your due respect. Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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