are you sure he said what you say he said?

Q: On Friday (june 04-2010) a scholar was allowed to speak at the musjids of Islamic societies. My friends and I were present for both of his speeches. It was said I quote: saying  lailahaillah alone and not living a life of a muslim (100%) they would die as a kaffir. One day you guys claim that a person who says lailahaillah is a muslim and would enter paradise. Then you guys say no jannah unless you live a certain type of life. I don’t know if u guys know that we try our best. I come to prayers. Yes it is only once a week but I have two jobs. One to support myself. The other to support my mother and father and sister and brother-in-law who lost his job. I am sorry my family is not a robe wearing person that cannot live a perfecto life. Now I am going to die a miserable death according to your greater salt lake society. So why do I donate to you guys? For hell??? So am I a Muslim if I also sin? Please answer this question. It was a discussion that took place between five of us and we just need clarification as you call it.

Time: Sunday June 06, 2010 at 10:19 pm

A: Believing in all the tenants of Islam and confirming it through tongue, heart and actions makes one and keeps one in the fold of Islam.

Making the claim that one is a Muslim and living up to the expectations of religion would award a person jannah. The more one lives in accordance to the claim of faith and the articles of faith, the more supreme the paradise.  The scholar also mentioned that at the time of passing away, death would be easier for a person that lived his/her life without contradictory beliefs.

In all honesty, I see no problem in the above. If the scholar too meant the above, I too see no problem in it either. Truth remains, i cannot answer for the scholar or anyone else, it would be best for you redirect your inquiry to him, should I not have helped in making matters clear for you. Also, your quote could be a possible misrepresentation, for I do not have an exact recording of the honorable scholars speeches. It is not that I do not trust you, but I too must be cautious to not accuse an innocent person wrongly.

Allah looks for an excuse to place people into jannah. We too should look for excuses to be our best to attain paradise. Having shortfalls is only a reflection of our weaknesses. Allah is most forgiving towards people that seek unconditional change for being their very best.

I appreciate you working hard. Being of service to your family is greatly rewarding. I hope there were more people like you. You are truly admirable. I wish the best for you and your friends and I hope you would wish our team likewise.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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