child of adultery

Q: We did nikah three days before I gave birth to a son. Will this child inherit from his dad? My mother in law says that my child would not inherit. Can you advice?

A: This child is a child of adultery. This child would only inherit from his mother.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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  1. Im sorry but what is “nikah” ?

    • Nikah is the pact between a male and a female in which they enter in marital union, It requires the following:
      1- Wali, a proxy, someone who represent the female and it must be a male. A woman cannot marry herself as well as another woman cannot speak on behalf or represent another female.
      2- Dowery or mahr, and that’s what the groom and the bride agree on, as far as gold money clothing etc.
      3-2 (two) witnesses, adult, and sane.
      4-“al-quabul”, which basically means reaquest and acceptance, where the groom to be, asks the wali “proxy” clearly, by naming the bride to be, : WOULD YOU ACCEPT TO MARRY YOUR PROXY…….(THE NAME OF THE BRIDE TO BE) DAUGHTER OF SO AND SO, TO ME(NAME) SON OF SO AND SO. So that there will be no confusion as to whom is marrying who.

      And Allah subanahu wa taala and his prophet know best.

      wa salamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah

  2. Salamu aalaikum
    I just remembered, the fourth pillar of nikkah I mentioned it as QUABUL when in fact it’s called in arabic ESSIGHA, ELEJAB WAL QUABUL or al aardh wal quabul.