for an added 15% can i lie?

Q: I import clothing from china. I am extending my business to importing tiles from china. To avoid (higher) taxes on tiles  my (non Muslim) accountant has shown me a way I can make changes to increase my intake by up to 15%. i was told in a country that is nonmuslim it can be done. Or in a muslim coutry that does not live as muslim country. Others in the tile bussiness are doing it. The said changes would be lies. Can i feed my family with this earnings? So moulana saeb can this be done? (email)

A: To do that which would bring you maximized benefit whilst fulfilling the law of the land and fulfilling the higher moral ground (your religion) is permissible. What you are seemingly alluding towards is not!

The last part of your question alludes that you are seeking permissibility to lie/cheat/deceive/fraud your possibly adopted country.  Kindly correct me if i am incorrect in such thinking. If you are seeking consent to lie, I am sorry I cannot help you on that. To do so would be wrong on both of our paths.

To lie would reduce the purity of your earnings. To deal with people that want to assist you in lying can eventually hurt both of you. To cheat would affect the condition of your faith. You would also reduce the quality of your prayers, worship and blessings.

We must motivate each other to be honest. This is part of religion as per ayah/quran. It is always best not to lie and cheat on any matter.

Although this is a nonmuslim country, it is a country that is giving Muslims security and comfort, sometimes more comfort is attained in USA then other so called Muslim countries. To repay America or ones country with deception is wrong by all standards. Be honest and Allah (SWT) would reward you in kind. The argument that USA is a kuffar country and therefore we can cheat it has been researched and denounced by all well mined Muslim scholars in light of the many variables which relate to Muslim safety in America, etc.  Others jumping into the fire should not motivate you to jump in it. To feed ones family from portions that are haram would also be haram.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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