i wanna be smart. However, can i be lazy too?!

Q: Ya Imaan, I heard your talk on success and also your speech at the Sunday school graduation.  yeah, btw mic system needs upgrading! I am been trying to memorize and rememorize certain things I have leant for 3 years of and on. Can you give me some advice on how I can memorize? I am at a point where I am giving up hope. Is there anything that can strengthen my memory? (email)

A: 70% of what memorized material goes to waste if you do not review within 24 hours to keep it all intact!

Not reviewing your newly acquired material within 24 hours places the energy you have spent to learn almost any valuable new information to waste.

Thus, when you attempt to relearn it, you must now reinvest your time and energy all over again.  Because you feel stupid/sad/ignorant when you go to relearn it due to the reinvesting of energy and time factor, humans having the aspect of haste and demanding quickness in all they do shortly give up hope due to the ability to recall data at jet speed. (By contrast, if we just took blame for us lapses, it would prove better. Denial never helps. And to blame it on black magic, pink magic, etc. is even more absurd!)

Thus, it is not harder to relearn; it just takes a little less time than the original time that you have spent to relearn the material that was learnt in the first place, but the an added factor comes to play, dedication!

So what does this all mean? If you don’t constantly relearn your notes, etc. and have not etched it in your brain through practice and perfection, you are in for an uphill struggle! Ask all of our memorizing students about these simple learning facts, they would agree with me on the above claim close to 100%

Good luck

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. all my students that are doing poorly would tell you as follows: those that do not review the class material that very night and do not repeat the process that as shared above, seldom are able to do their very best. You are going to do it, so do it right!


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