Q: I am a female. I am shafaee. Is the face covering necessary? I was told by a shafee scholar that we do not need to cover our faces in America because it would casue big problems. Any help to clear the matter? FYI: You know this scholar very well

A: Shafee woman according to shafee fiqh must cover their face (more so when there is possibility of corruption.) Sharia is not limited to a given geographic location (or mazhab.)

If one does not want to wear the hijab, the matter is one. Not wearing the face-covering based on the claim that Imaam shafee negates its wearing is false.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. kindly do not pit one  scholar against another, it really shows poor taste. Also i recommend you to read the works of Shiek Ibn Hajar Haytami. (on our front page.)

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  1. Assalamu alikum wa rahmatullah Imam,
    I am a shafee woman too (a college student), and I wanted to wear the niqhab since I am old enough for it, but my father says that I must not because it will cause me to be in risk of getting hurt and it will cause more guys to question my identity! but don’t believers do what they’re told and Allah will be their protector?

    • وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
      What is the percentage of woman that do not wear niqab and are hurt/injured daily in western countries?(i guess you gonna get locked up when the stats come out! or are you?)
      May Allah bless your father for possibly never wanting a drivers license for you. Too dangerous on the road. The roads are snowy!
      May Allah bless your father for never having you fly in an airplane, (you do know what can happen in an airplane if the wrong person is on board.)
      May Allah also bless your father for never wanting you to ever get married (if you not already married.) Lord knows what a man could do to you (check up stats of spousal abuse.)
      How about cases where the wrong hand got chopped by a surgeon, wrong eye taken out, wrong tooth extracted. (Dad is blessed, no more doctor bills. He can save the money for so many better things)
      Identity question is happening is not limited to niqab wearers! (Do you not have internet that tell you this?!) I am sure we can prove towards the contrary.
      In this response from me to you, i am not here to advocate or not advocate Hijab, niqab, or the presenting of your latest hairstyle to the public. Nor am i here to bash your father. I am sure he is a good man. That is why he lets you ask us this question. I am asking you to do some reflective thinking when people talk to you. You are a college student. May I ask, in the USA? If so, maybe its time for a refund (or another major! Or a better college perhaps)
      Only what is meant for you would happen to you. Not a bit more, not a bit less!

  2. FAIR enough Imam! I can actually add on the “May Allah bless your father” phrases, but that’s not the issue. How can I show my father that I am strong enough with enough Iman to be responsible for my decisions? or should I keep on making dua until I gain the honor of wearing the Hijab (niqhab) of the mothers of the believers?

  3. you have to buy the ticket before you get on the plane (or train in you prefer) you can’t just do dua.

  4. Brother, I cannot do anything else regarding my decision of wearing the niqhab other than dua, because my father is not letting me wear it. What else can I do other than dua? would you please explain?

  5. sister i can’t do all the math for you. as a human we need to do our own math

  6. May Allah bless all the fathers, happy father’s day everyone!

    • Do you have something against mothers? For the record, i am sure you mean happy fathers day everyday, just as you wish happy mothers day everyday to every mother. (even though s/he may not have a mother or father!)
      Added to the above, in Islam, father can also be inclusive of grandfather, mother can also be inclusive of grandmother, etc. Were you thinking upon such lines as an islamic website would call for one to think?!

  7. Brother, the way you’re trying to explain to me or help me is either too intelligent for me to comprehend, or not even relevant to what I am saying. I said that because you’re getting me a bit too confused. I don’t get the plane tickets, neither you’re mathematical formula sentence makes any sense to me, even though I enjoy math challenges. Don’t take it personal, I just wanted to make you aware!