body piercings or ’embellishments’ (as one calls it)

Q: Is it okay to pierce the tongue and put a ball on it? have belly button ring? (Private email)

A: Rings upon the finger and nose are generally not attributed to persons that lead a promiscuous lifestyle. By contrast, tongue piercings and belly button objects  remain associated to persons that generally have a lifestyle that contradicts traditional values and norms.

In making a query on a social level pertaining to your question, a tattoo store owner filled with tattoos and piercings upon his body said the following: ‘people with an alternative lifestyle prefer such body embellishments.’ When the tattoo store owner was asked, what is an ‘alternative’ life style, his response: ‘hookers (prostitutes) nude dances, people that are in a same sex relationship, transvestites — people that are inclined towards lifestyle choices that are out of the norm. People that just want to be out there, people that want to be different.

Thus, in line with professionals within the piercing world and their claim of who gets ‘embellishments’ upon their bodies, we place a foundational prohibition upon it.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

4 responses to “body piercings or ’embellishments’ (as one calls it)

  1. What about multiple ear piercings?

    • Cordoban Cowboy

      Hola Amigo!!!

      How about piercing in places that are not associated with anything, like forehead piercings, or piercing the skin between your index finger and your middle finger?

      If I am the first person to get one of these kinds of piercings, maybe I can start a trend, and if I do good things, then maybe it will b e associated with goodness and spur people towards goodness.

      What do you think?

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  3. I’ve never understood why anybody would submit to the pain, risk infection, and pay to have somebody else’s art permanently etched into his/her skin. Tatoos won’t wash off, you know; what’s “cool” one day will not be “cool” forever, but it will remain there for life, unless it’s removed surgically. More pain, and it’s not cheap. Nor is it covered by most insurance. And piercings are just barbaric! I fail to see the attraction. To me, it’s a “turn-off”! Yuck!