Best to sometimes be quiet

Stories of the Stupid and the Oblivious by Ibn Al-Jawzee

(Page 157, Dar-Al Fikr 1990)

A man used to sit in Qadi Abu Yusuf’s Halaqa (the great student of Imam Abu-Hanifa).  This individual used to maintain silence at all times, till Abu Yusuf started to notice him and thought highly of him for his manners and respect.  So, one day Abu Yusuf asked him “Brother why don’t you speak to us and participate in our discussion of Fiqh”.  The individual replied “When does a Fasting person eat?”.  Abu Yusuf replied “When the Sun sets at Maghrib”.  The individual replied “What if the Sun does not set till midnight?”.  Abu Yusuf laughed and said “You were correct to keep quite in the Halaqa at all times, and I was wrong when I forced you to speak”.

Translation and contribution for youth reformation:

Br Yassir Butt

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