Sleeping while dreaming

Q: Dear Sheikh, I am writing to you to ask you about the interpretation of a dream i had. This is very urgent, I called you but you told me to write to you instead. You also promised that that you would respond in 5 to 7 days maximum.

This dream happened after i woke up at around 6:30 am and went to the hospital for back pain. I came back tired and went back to sleep at around 8 am. Please note that i missed the fajr prayer that morning.The dream starts with me seeing myself sleeping. as i was sleeping, in my dream, i started to feel that something is taking control over me and restraining my body from moving. I woke up from sleep, still in my dream, and i was trying to say the shahada when the dark force i was feeling held my tongue and stopped me from being able to say anything. At that moment i woke up to reality.

When i woke up i was not very scared or terrified. I had heard similar stories from friends who experienced this before. To be honest with you, I was excited to go back to sleep in hope of meeting the jin or shaytan that came to me.

So i went back to sleep and again, in my dream, i saw myself sleeping and the same exact story repeated. However, this time the dark force was not able to restrain my tongue and let me loose after saying some prayers. (If my story is clear until now, you should understand that I am, in reality, still asleep and i just woke up from sleep in the dream). The dream continues of me looking into the pillow i was sleeping on and noticing that it was covered in some blue liquid. i want to add that i remember seeing my brother in the room as well. The dream continues of me opening the door to my room and looking into the living room. The living room was dark and a man walked into my room from the living room and i had to walk backwards to let him in. The man was shirtless, very muscular, tall, brown skinned and bald. At the beginning he showed me the left side of his face, his eye was wide open and he had a smile on his face. he then slowly turned his face to reveal to me his right side of
his face that i did not see until now. His right eye was missing and the same blue liquid that was on my pillow was pouring out of his right eye.

I felt that this person was trying to be my friend, and i can not remember if this person was trying to shake my hand or not. But I shouted Allahu akbar and punched him, however the punch went through him as if he was a ghost. He also punched me back and it went through me. I repeatedly tried to attack him shouting Allahu akbar and for every attack he responded with one like it. I then spat at him but it went through him, and he responded to that by spitting back, and it went through me as well.

After that I woke up and was back to reality. Is there any meaning for this.

Time: Monday May 10, 2010 at 12:08 am
A: The missing of fajr prayer in this case would be due to a valid reason. It would not highly impact this dream. The time based on your circumstance does have validity.

Your faith is being challenged. Upon looking retrospectively at you life, you can know the origins and details of underlining the spiritual challenge you are going through. Deep down, you know what you can do to make yourself a better person. You need to work towards your spiritual empowerment without laziness for a greater level of worldly security and safety. You must let go of matters that are doubtful.

The condition of your room (in the dream) is outlining the condition of your life in this world. This room of yours is also a representation of your character. If it is clean, tidy and spacious, then such would be your outcome to your worldly position.

The shahadah implies that you would gain victory over evil forces. Your struggle would never be easy. The eye represents your faith. The healthier the eye in the dream, the better the outcome of your faith. The more defect seen within the eye, the greater the defect in your imaan. The punching (with power) implies that you would eventually gain control over your spiritual matters.

Spitting refers to your words having an impact on another person. You would say things that would make someone else become better than yourself.

Outcome: your dream connotes a lot of challenge and adversity that you are undergoing. To overcome it, you must get yourself straightened out on multiple levels. You are clouded in your mind, and you need help from your Creator. You need to do some soul searching to not let things pull you down. This requires moments of reflection as to where you are in life and the end point you seeking.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

Admins’ Note: We hope that this response is published within the time frame promised to you. Sincere apologies for the delay, and we do thank you for your patience. May Allah ease your affairs, ameen.

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  1. Nice to see all new responses on dreams (with aspect of time frame…wow). I sent three dreams about 3-4 months ago and never got reply. I wonder what one has to do in order to get a reply on this site……

    • Assalaamu’Alaikum
      The Imaam no longer responds to all requests of dream interpretations. Since almost everybody dreams (and dreams often, as you know from the three dreams you yourself sent in), dream interpretation would become the imaam’s full-time job and this website’s sole focus. As you can tell, such is not the intent of this website. We hope you understand.
      With respect to the time frame for response, there are places with teams of ‘ulema that respond after months. We are grateful that the Imam is able to answer fairly quickly by himself.
      In addition, given that you have sent in non-dream questions that have been answered by the Imaam, it appears obvious what one has to do in order to get a reply on this site. :)
      We hope this helps, inshaAllah. May Allah ease your affairs in this world and the next, ameen.

  2. I understand that the dream might have a religious connotation, as the Imam so well expressed, but this is the text book version of a disorder known as “sleep paralysis”. Google it and talk to a psychiatrist. We need to distinguish problems that are medical and religious. And this is not a religious problem.

    • Cordoban Cowboy

      Hola Senora,

      I don’t know, sounds like that one eyed muscular seemed a lot like the Dajjal to me…..

      • No Habla espanol… (sorry) dreams are not based on me or you. View the works of Ibn Serren, etc for greater insight as to the interpretation of dreams.
        Everything is not based on the Antichrist, shaytan, jinn, or someone out to get you and ruin you, etc.!
        Many get sad when we tell them that it is not a jinn, etc.

  3. I suffer from sleep paralysis, and believe me you do not dream while in this state! All you can do is keep from freaking out, because your heart is beating fast blood is rushing through your brain, and you can not move. It takes all the energy you have to get one leg to move off the edge of the bed to get you out of it. All the tiume you are thinking “please do not let me die!”. So the person who had the dream was having a dream, and it meant something to them just like the Imam said.

  4. In any case, I would be much more comfortable if the religious leaders could outsource unusual dreams to medical professionals. It could be something that might transcend a standard dream and require psychiatrist help. Besides, there is no standard issue sleep paralysis;

    ” I woke up from sleep, still in my dream, and i was trying to say the shahada when the dark force i was feeling held my tongue and stopped me from being able to say anything. At that moment i woke up to reality.”

    To me this paragraph is quite indicative of sleep paralysis.


  5. Brain Tingle

    Isn’t it weird how everyone likes to think shaytan and jin are after them in their sleep, but when they’re wide awake and hopping away in the nightclub to an awesome beat…well, shaytan isn’t holding their hands then. He’s also not after us when we lose our temper, yell at our mom, backbite on our so-called friends, or when we’re busy thinking that our race/culture/ethnicity makes us better than everyone else.

    Are we so strong in our faith that shaytan only dares to come near us when we’re oblivious to him?

    This is not a response to the questioner’s question, but to the statement where the Imam says: “Many get sad when we tell them that it is not a jinn, etc.”

    wa alaykumsalam

  6. Cordoban Cowboy

    I’ve never slept in my dream, by I have dreamt in my sleep, is that strange, what does it mean?

  7. Hola Cowboy,
    I have dreamt of sleeping during one of my dreams only to awaken in my dream go through a day, then wake up and realize it was all a dream, and I was just now waking up. I dont even try and figure out what means.

  8. Cordoban Cowboy


    Did I really write that comment, I thought I was dreaming!