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Q: Assalamualaikum,

I have couple of questions below.

1. Should a person accept invitation to visit a friend’s home who has dog as pet? That friend argues that Quran is not against of keeping a pet it true? 

May Allah give you more knowledge of Islam.


Time: Monday May 10, 2010 at 10:58 am

Answers: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

A1) All dog owners are not the same. All dogs are not for the same function. A person that has a dog as a guard, to assist physically challenged — blind,  for security, etc.  is not in the category of a person that choses to keep it as a mere pet.

One can accept the invitation if one knows that the impurities (saliva of the dog, etc) would reduce your cleanliness.

In your case however, the matter maybe different. She does not realize the value of hadith and its link to sunnah and quran. To be in the company of such people would surly affect your faith. It is recommended that you attain a higher quality friends, in that they do not chide your value system. It is preferred that you chose people that value you, value your religion and your belief system.

If you feel you should go to such peoples home, kindly ensure that the saliva of the dog does not come upon you. This salava would render the portion that it touched as impure.

Q2) My parent gets upset when we try to convince not to consume food that increases sickness (like diabetes)/behaviour (like high blood pressure). No matter how we try they get upset. how would our prophets took care of their parents?

A2) To eat that which is destructive to the body and become a burden to those around constitutes a wrong.  Some prophets had parents that were not beliervers, at all times they were respectful to the extent Allah comands. A prophet would never be rude to a parent.

In your case, you too must be respectful of them, even though they may not care as much for their own health.
You must be kind to your parents, share data that is helpful. Have the doctor share your concerns with them. Share articels that would bebenifitial. You need not be commanding. This approach would take you farther.
Q3) Tasweed rules seems hard. Can a person recite quran while learning the rules?or should I learn the rules first and then recite?

A3) Errors that change the word to the extent that the word means the opposite of what was intended  would be viewed as sin and wrong. By contrast, if it is a mere wrongful pronunciation,  this would not constitute a major sin, but a small sin nonetheless.
One cannot learn the rules without practicing. Learn by a person that cares for your improvement. Recordings are a great help coupled with a good teacher. If you look you would find such people.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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