From: Stories of the Stupid and the Oblivious

Stories of the Stupid and the Oblivious by Ibn Al-Jawzee chapter 17

وعن الأصمعي قال‏:‏ خرج قوم من قريش إلى أرضهم وخرج معهم رجل من بني غفار فأصابهم ريح عاصف يئسوا معها من الحياة ثم سلموا فأعتق كل رجل منهم مملوكاً فقال ذلك الأعرابي‏:‏ اللهم لا مملوك لي أعتقه ولكن امرأتي طالق لوجهك ثلاثاً‏.‏

According to Al-Asmae: Some people from the from Quraish traveling back to their land were severely affected by strong wind to a point where they were not able to withstand it.  Finally, the wind subsided so they demonstrated their gratitude by freeing a slave they owned.  One person did not have a slave so he said” O Allah I do not own a slave yet I like to show gratitude therefore I am divorcing my wife for your sake three times!”

Translation and contribution for youth reformation:

Br Yassir Butt

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  1. JazakaAllah, I love these stories!
    As RasuaAllah said “Smiling is charity!”

    • Agreed. Lets us add: If you love these stories, today we got a phone call with the following query:
      Q: instead of reading a surah after surah fatiha, can we read surah fatiha twice in each rakat instead of a surah after surah fatiha?
      Lets ask Br Yassir, would such a question qualify as part of your column?