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Asalam U alaikum, Imaam
An Imaam was asked about some ways to help an individual with his memory. Ex. Memorizing the Qur’an, or just textbooks. The Imaam replied by saying that HIJAMA is a technique that helps increase the potential of the brain. He didnt explain very well what that word (HIJAMA) means. something to do with placing a cup on your back. If you could please explain what this technique is, I would greatly appreciate it. SalamTime: Sunday May 2, 2010 at 8:46 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Hajama is an Arabic word that extends itself to the aspect of cupping – removing ‘bad’ blood from the body. This is something that must be done by people that understand the techniques that surround it. Amateur ‘cuppers’ have created health complications for patients that pursued this route of remedy. Cupping is not for every person. Some people understand the balance of the body and can tell you where ‘bad’ blood remains and know of the method of its extraction. It is not placed only on the back. It can be placed in different areas of the body — depending on the expertise and experience of the ‘cupper’ and need of the patient.

It is a sunnah that must be livened according to the need of the person. To refrain from it during moments of need would not be beneficial.

A mere recommendation:
For memory, it would be best for a person to eat Almonds (5 or 7) on an empty stomach, raisins, almond milk at night, doing exercise routinely in a non-excessive manner, spending time doing spiritual exercises, reduce junk food intake for we become what we eat, sleep to the extent the body requires or we create lethargy and laziness for our bodies, eat healthy foods to assist you while keeping the mind away from poor thoughts are all sure memory enhances.

Memorize before and after fajr when mind is most fresh. See our pointers on being an A student for added tips to building yourself towards excellence.

‘Whoever strives, they would attain.’ (Arabic saying.)

و السلام

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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  1. Shuaib Suria

    Salams all

    Yes indeed, hijama is one of those ‘almost fogotten’ sunnahs that seems to have many benefits when done by the right people but potentially dangerous in the wrong or inexperienced hands (which is statement I suppose can be extended to any ‘surgical’ procedure, for example : circumcision).

    We are a group of hijama enthusiasts in Leicester, England on a journey to find out more about it, and are running a blog on the subject as a platform to collate knowledge about hijama from therapists as well experiences from ‘patients’ of the therapy.

    Please take part there if you any hijama-related information.