GMO food is everywhere

Q: salamualikum Imam. As you know GMO food is everywhere. It is cheaper and cannot be avoided. Would it be wastage –israaf according to the words of Allah– to buy food that is not GMO processed and it costs twice to three times more then GMO products?  As Allah does not love people that waste money and other things? Also if my budget does not allow me to only buy healthy foods that is it okay to buy healthy non GMO foods when i have the money and when i dont have for some foods to switch to gmo foods. (text: January 21-2010)

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

It has been proven by scientist that GMO related foods are not in the best interest of human consumption.

To spend more money to ensure greater health for one’s self, family and friends would be rewarding. One should not spend money attaining superior health to violate the rights of those that surround them, etc. (Example, i should not buy luxury foods so as to avoid payment of a debt or buy superior quality foods when substitutes do exist whilst violating the rights of others.)

Your intention should also be to spend on healthier products so as to remember the Creator more due to your possible better health. Allah likes us to eat products that are good/healthy on every level. Such expenditure would not be viewed as wastage if one has the financial capacity to do so. more so if we are blessed with the financial ability to do so. As the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat.’

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


4 responses to “GMO food is everywhere

  1. Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is a GMO food?

  2. Talib-ul-Ilm

    Genetically Modified Food…

    • Thank you.
      Now I am going to have to be even more aware of what food is entering my body. I do not want to eat something that has been altered or modified. Why can’t well enough be left alone? *sigh

  3. Asalamu Alaikum

    GMO has many bad consequences for the people and animals that eat GMO-food

    I have studied the so called “Conspiracy” since 1997 and almost every message I send through email nowadays through yahooogroups gets through easily. But as soon as I write much about GMO, it vanishes in thin air. The recipients don’t even know I have sent anything about GMO.

    Please check
    for what I have found so far about GMO.

    See a quality site by Jeffrey M. Smith at
    and see his videos, read his books. There is a lot but among the videos see
    especially Food Inc, The World according to Monsanto, Future of Food and last but
    not least Seeds of Deception.

    We have to remember that the people making these videos get sued for millions of the big industry and the videos could show even more about what is going on in the World. Jeffrey M Smith concentrates very much on Canola, Soy, Cotton and Corn. But there is also e.g. Trees, Fish, Coffee, Potatoes, Flax Seeds, Rice, Bananas, Papaya etc.

    The GMO foods are not tested for long time usage. The common dangers are especially
    for Sterility, Low Fertility, Liver damage and Kidney Damage. Cows, buffaloes, sheep etc. die when they eat BT-cotton plants within 3 days to 1 month

    Wasalamu Alaikum / Adam Testad/