Comment: Ok. Now I am confused and Imaam you have not cleared up the matter. *rolling eyes* if Friday is a day of festivities then can we fast on this day or not. Noorudin what is your point? What about me if I am fasting my kafarah fast?  (Personal email)

A: Hadith in reference:

Sayidinah Jabir bin Abdullah (RA) reportet that Rasuluallah (SAW) said: Do not single out Jumuah night amongst the nights for nightly prayer nor single out Friday for fasting unless it happens to coincide with fasting that you are accustomed to. (Muslim)

Sayidinah Abu Hurayrah that Rasualullah (SAW) said, none of you should fast on Friday unless he (they) fasts on either one day before it or one day after it. (Mutafiq alay).

Sayidinah Juwayriyah (RA) said that the Rasuluallah (SAW) visited her on a Friday whilst she was fasting. He (SAW) inquired, Did you fast yesterday? She said, no. He (SAW) asked, do you intend to fast tomorrow? She said, no. He (SAW) then said, in such a case give up your fast today. (Bukhari).

The hadith that prohibited the Friday fasting was a hadith that was made mention of at the onset of Islam. Later on, other ahadith had come to clarify the matter. We learn that just as one should not single out Saturday alone for fasting, one should not single out Friday as well.  Yes, to make up fast every Saturday is not a problem due to one being at school, work, etc., but to single out Saturday or any other day of the week, month or year would also be incorrect, merely based on some superstition, etc.

Should one choose to fast on a Friday as part of the optional (nafl) fast, it would also be good for them to fast a day prior and/or a day after. To fast alone on Friday is not in ones best interest, just as prohibiting individuals from doing so without genuine knowledge remains incorrect. WE can say that such a fast is Haram (prohibited in absolute terms.)

For those that are doing the kaffara (compensation) due to intentionally breaking a fast without a valid reason and thus are doing the continual fasting, for such people, Friday could not be used as an excuse to avoid fasting. As far as the Eids go, that would interrupt the Kafara process, causing for a fresh start of the fasting for them.

Thus the prohibition is conditional. It should be viewed as such based on understanding of Hadith.

May Allah bless you all for requesting clarification. May Allah also accept each of our fasting and praying efforts, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. To be fair to Noorudin who i think means very well, we agree on the following: Friday is like Eid in someways, but different in others. In America we should take pride in our Fridays so as to create more of a flavor for it. Have a better meal if Allah has blessed you, groom yourself nicer, cut your nails prior, wear nicer clothing, smell nice for your family, give the kids a special something as you depart the musjid (ice cream), etc.


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  1. Asalam u Alaikum
    Sorry for all the confusion, like i said i heard this on an Islamic lecture. I didn’t know anything about the details of kaffara fasting. Thank you Imaam for all the evidences and corrections!

  2. Wow. passing an Islamic verdict from an islamic (site, lecture) one can cause me to get a lecture. Imagine if i did that. I could be the next islamic judge. *yeah right* Never know these days with lectures online. Maybe? Kaffarah point was an eye opener to not fasting on Fridays. No reason to thank anyone. It is his job. hahaha.

    • Brain Tingle

      I don’t know, samad. I tend to thank my doctor even though he is just ‘doing his job’ and I pay him a heck of a lot of dough. Also thank my mechanic, and dentist, and oh yeah, even the cashiers at the grocery store. Even though they just ‘doing their jobs.’ Something about etiquette and all that jazz. Hahaha.

      What’s wrong with people trying to learn from online lectures? I guess the Imam shouldn’t post his lectures here, because heaven forbid someone might try to apply what they’ve learned and then pass a “verdict.”

  3. Asalam alaikum SAMAD! I am sorry but no where did i pass an islamic verdict on anything. I simply stated i heard it in a lecture. I never called myself an islamic judge nor did i say i was knowledgeable. Second point is that i atleast listen to lectures and try to better myself, instead of sitting home on the computer trying to make people feel lowly. The next point is that you should show some respect to the person that has opened your eyes to the truth (The imaam), in case you forgot. It is the height of disrespect to say that he has to do this because it is his job. He has no obligation towards you and I. If he chose, he wouldn’t HAVE to answer to any of these questions, but he does it for the sake of Allah. Thank you and i apologize if this hurts you in any way.

    • abdas samad

      walikumsalam and peace Noorudin. Noorudin you just tooooo cool. Lol. I just imagined that you said that you heard it in a lecture and that hearing a lecture is proof for not fasting on Friday by way of implication. So to me you are not a judge but judgment was passed seemed to be passed. Kinda? I am sorry i made you feel lowly. i am sorry. i really am. that was not my intention. i really am sorry. its the net and sometime i do not think and this internet is so impersonal. again i am really really sorry. That is what we thought and that is why I was selected as spokesperson to make it all clear. their bad. they gonna put me int he loners group now
      imams job comment that was not called for. As spokesperson my intention was that it is his job to clarify noorudins comments on lectures noorudin hears and commentsput on blog. Why would I hate the imam anyway. Anyone who works for free should be liked.. hahaha…. lordy lord I can see it coming. Fast ball this time or you gonna go slow on me.
      Noor(light up)uddin. The imaam is cool. i am sure he knows it. ( XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX ) but the economy hahaha your ‘For the sake of Allah’ point we all agree. no lies there. no hurt feelings here. hope u not injured either. hahaa
      oh did u enjoy ur friday??? :)

  4. Yes, alhamdullilah i enjoyed my friday. lol its funny how BIG some things turn into. I posted my comment like what? a month ago? and we are still talking about it. Forget it.