Marry me not!

Q: Can I marry my uncle that is a little older. We never met each other and it is first meeting. He is like a baby to my mother and father (email)

A: To marry your biological uncle is Haram (Forbidden.) If there is a possibility of fitnah (corruption) between you and him, stay away from him. Be with him only in the presence of your parents and siblings, etc. NEVER BE ALONE WITH HIM until evil thoughts have left you both!

There is no such a thing as ‘he is like a baby to my mother and father’ and therefore we can get married, etc. These are absurd claims from shaytan to destroy your family and Imaan (faith). Islam has stipulated parameters. Do not trespass these established boundaries. This would be an illegitimate relationship if you were to pursue it. Everything produced from it would be a cause of major sin. Refrain!

May Allah help find you a halal (permissible) spouse and make you a success in both the worlds, Ameen

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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