People of the Book


I heard that Mormons are not considered People of the Book. Is this true, and if so, why is this? Mormons believe in the Bible and also uphold many traditional Christian values, so why would they not be characterized as People of the Book in the same way as other Christians and Jews?


In the strictest sense of the word, People of the book is defined as Jews and Christians. It can also be inclusive of those that have followed legitimate books and prophets up until the final messenger for a given people.

This is where the problem occurs:

Mormons believe in a continual prophet as well as an ammended bible in comparison to the original torah and bible. Thus, such behavior functions as a breakawy away from the definiiotion of what is termed as ‘people of the book’ as per quran.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. As muslims we apprecaite the similarities Mormons and Muslims share, however, the above is a respose as per religion Al-Islam.

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  1. Salaamu Alaykum,

    I’m a bit confused…
    The Mormon religion follows under the same umbrella of Christianity just as Catholic, Methodist, Greek Orthodox (etc).
    Who considered to be the People of the Book since the Book being the Ingil has been changed significantly by every group.
    Would they be considered to be the people who lived during Nabi Isa’s (AS) time and those who lived 300years after his time.
    Because from I know it wasn’t until 300years after his death is when councils were formed and changed the Ingil just as what was done to
    the Torah.

    • وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
      How do you circumvent the aspect of a continual prophet which exists for the Mormons? Do original Christianity and Judaism share this sentiment?

  2. You see that is where I’m confused we reject them to be people of the book, but accept certain Christians who believe Mary (AS) is the mother of God. That is major shirk.
    I personally would accept someone who believes in continual prophets rather than one who claims that God has been begotten.

    • The aspect of Mary (AS) is not a new phenomenon. The three in one issue is also addressed in the Quran. Knowing that Allah has already discussed the matter should eliminate your confusion.
      Sadly, in due respect, you nor i set the parameters of religion-al-Islam. We are bound by rules that do not allow for us to innovate, speculate or for that matter deviate. As Muslims we are called upon to merely accept and appreciate what has already been formulated relating to this matter.
      A non-Muslim is at liberty to believe as they chose. For a Muslim to believe in a continual prophet would aid in her/im possibly relinquishing their Islamic faith.
      Your comment is appreciated. We thank you for helping our audience on this matter.

  3. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. Having being very much involved with Mormons and having friends converted to Islam from Mormonism, know this Isra that Mormons do try to convert Christians thereby, if they were considered Christians by their own definitions they should accept Baptists, Catholics, etc. as their own but, they do not totally so, we cannot marry Mormons without conversion. They also believe in a living Prophet and also that if you practice your faith truly that you can become a Prophet. This is not permitted in Islam nor in Judaism or Christianity for that matter.