A task well accomplished

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  1. as salaamu alaikum. Alhamdiullah this conference was very motivational. I think next year’s MSA should have two conference one in Fall and one in Spring…

  2. Ahaha wow that would be tough.
    We try to do 2 big events. One that focuses on motivating Muslims to ‘revert’ (The conference we just had). The other is an event that raises awareness of problems out in the world that we here in US don’t feel. This one is called the Fastathon. So, in a way, there are 2 conferences. 1 that focuses on bettering our Islam and 1 that focuses on humanitarian efforts.

    We definately appreciate your input and we’ll try our best to employ it and even bring it up in a meeting, InshAllah.

  3. Salamu Alaykum,

    I agree with AM…why always do only 1 conference?
    Fastathon is not a conference its more like a charity dinner.
    But the second conference should be more like a community seminar.
    We don’t have to go all extravagant on speakers, food, and hall.
    Keep it simple and humble. Local imams, local masjid, and food made by Muslim families.

    • ws
      i like the part that states: ‘local masjid.’ This is what our local musjids should be all about. I had made a recommendation to our youth prior — i am glad another had brought it up as well.
      Case: Why talk about Islam in a non-Islamic environment when Allah has blessed us with great local Islamic Centers coupled with Imaams that could/would/should be proud to assist! Sure, the UofU is fine for dawah purposes every now and then, but to make it a habit?!
      Point to never forget: Musjid creates more spirituality. Helps us keep our focus on Allah. Gives each gender their privacy. Allows men to be men, women to be women! You got my vote. (now all you need is the approval from the right people! can anyone decline?!)

    • The problem is the ‘local’ part. Keep in mind, there’s like 7 different Masjids in Utah, 3 of which are run by ISOGSL.You go to one Masjid, then the people of the other Masjid view the MSA as part of that Masjid. I hate that, you’ll hate it, but that’s how it is. And we try to keep ties with each Masjid as best as possible because our goal is in uniting the youth regardless of Masjid.

      Second thing is that this is exactly what the Masjid organizations need to do. I don’t know why they have events in Multi-Cultural Center. They don’t have to worry about that type of stuff because only the people of that Masjid will go to that event.

      • Salamu Alaykum,

        You bring up a good case, but the way I see is: Those who busy themselves in fitnah, division, and great attempts in disuniting our community will not attend. But those who want to benefit from lectures, and gain rewards from Allah will show up.

        If the MSA solely worries about Allah and does it for the sake of Allah, then inshallah Allah will make it easy and blessed for us. Just as this years conference. We had so many people against us, we conflict within MSA, and conflict outside MSA, but yet through the mercy of Allah it went successful.

        Doing it at the Masjid prevents the greatest conflict we have at MSA conferences Intermingling. With all the barakha there is in a Masjid what can go wrong?
        the MSA gets rewarded abduntly for bringing the community to the house of Allah.

        • To not accommodate those who are indirectly involved (IE: Their parents, parent’s freinds, in-laws) in “fitnah, division, and disunity” is disunity in and of itself.

          The people that you’re describing, “those who want to benefit” are a minority within the community and are most likely already learnt. In other words, they don’t NEED to be at these events. However, it is the majority that must be targeted and must be accommodated for in these types of events. If we place a scope that is narrow, then the MSA, as well as the community at large, gets smaller and smaller. If we broaden our scope to include everyone, if we pick a neutral arena, if we invite everyone regardless of their current situation, then that will InshAllah be for the best benefit. I’m not saying don’t have ANY events at the Masjid but the big events do need to remain neutral to not only benefit everyone, but to encourage unity amongst the community.

          And I don’t understand the whole ‘intermingling’ argument. Do we all not go to co-ed schools? InshAllah more proper measurements definitely could and should be taken. InshAllah, like you said, like it happened, Allah (SWT) will help and guide us if we have the right intention and do the right amount of work.

  4. Salaam,

    I meant I agree with PM not AM…

  5. As Salaamu Alaykum,

    Please do forgive me I’m not trying to start an argument or offend you or anything.

    House of Allah is the house of Allah regardless who owns it, what race dominates it etc in the end it will always and still remain the house of Allah.

    “The people that you’re describing, “those who want to benefit” are a minority within the community and are most likely already learnt.”
    (correct me if I’m wrong Imam)
    There is no true knowledge in this dunya except knowledge of din. Knowledge of din comes from nur and that nur comes from Allah (swt) I’m sure that minority would like to obtain even the smallest amount of nur.

    I agree with you that the MSA should broaden there scope to include everyone.
    Don’t you agree that doing events at Masjid bringing the community to house of Allah to worship him, and praise him is good idea?
    When deciding on a Masjid it would be chosen by which Masjid would fit 300+ people not which Masjid is owned by so and so just so to anger family so and so.

    “And I don’t understand the whole ‘intermingling’ argument”
    Let me explain like Imam said to give each their privacy so that men can stay with men and the sisters can stay with the sisters.
    “Do we all not go to co-ed schools?” I’m sure we all do, but those co-ed schools unfortunately are not a islamic environment that we have no control over.
    Just because we all go to co-ed schools should that justify we should make all our islamic events co-ed as well?
    No, each sex should be respected in a manner where privacy is given to both. Doing such a event at the Masjid gives a veil between both sex.

    Allahu A3lam wa Rabbee zidnee ‘ilman war zuqnee fahman.

    Inshallah we’ll let the future MSA board decide upon location etc.
    Barakhallahu feek for your input AM, may Allah reward you greatly and increase you in wealth, health, and knowledge.