Are you saying: to marry a mormon is fine but birthdays are not!!!

Q: I am married to a Mormon woman. I have 3 kids. We are married for 5 years. She insists us to celebrate birthdays. I am against it. How can I explain to her the evil of birthday in Islam? Can you explain to her Ya Imaam.

A: You are a man lacking in wisdom and common sense as it relates to Islam and your ‘spouse.’

As a Muslim you cannot impose upon a Mormon woman as to how she should behave. Mormons believe in a living and continual prophet. Thus to Muslims, Mormons are not ‘people of the book’ in its strictest sense. Since you have chosen to be with such a person, it is time for you to accept her as she is or/and continue to flirt within the boundaries of adultery as you reside with her. Generally, it would be best to create an alternative pathway for your faith and future.

Shaytan is tricking you in thinking that birthdays are bad but marrying a person that is out of the range of what is traditionally viewed as the common phrase:  ‘people of the book’ as fine! Your priorities and understanding as it relates to comparative religion and Islam is seemingly lopsided.

Muslims choosing to marry non-Muslims must first explain Islam and its major tenets to them. Doing so after marriage is unfair to these converts. If you (as a Muslim) do not know your human worth and religious value; it is not fair for you to impose it upon others merely due to a religious buzz. It would be best for you to focus on aspects of Aqeedah with your wife then convince her as to the prohibition of birthdays.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

P.s. We are not condoning or condemning your marriage. You just need better advice. Contact your local set of qualified and reputable scholars.


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