am i married? (After all this)

Q: I did the forbidden.i need to know if nikah break after adultery? i feel ………..

A: No.

Advice: Although nikah does not break after adultery, it is better for the couple to not have adult relations until the wife has completed her menses before the married couple resume their shared intimacy.

Couples must share their needs to each other and have partners fulfill their intimacy needs rather then go to outsiders for such ‘assistance.’ Zina reduces barakah in the family, takes away love between couples and forces the curse (wrath) of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’aala) upon members active in this religious crime.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

(Our response is on the assumption that you committed zina with a friend of your spouse or someone not linked to your wife, etc.! Should we be wrong, resubmit your query)


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