pray early or later? both! (for some!)



Alright, so as I understand it, certain Madhabs pray earlier than other certain Madhabs.

Now in a scenario when a certain Madhab starts its prayer time earlier (lets say a certain 4:30PM) and another Madhab’s certain time starts at, lets say, 4:50, then what is the ruling if the 4:30PM Madhab wants to do jamaat on a certain prayer early compared to the other certain Madhab? Does the later Madhab pray with the jamaat, or follow his/her own certain ruling.

WalaykumAsalaam, a certain somebody
A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Not being a mujtahid, you would follow your given madhab in this matter. Each has its set of proof.

Praying prior to your madhab time  would call for a repeat.

Added notes: Under certain conditions of harassment, being accused of ‘fitnah’, etc. one can perform salah with a group that is doing so prior to your (ahnaf) given time, so long as the group that is doing it is within the parameters of their (e.g. shawafee) given madhab so as to avoid conflict. In such a case, you must later do a makeup for it prior to the expiry time of that given salah. Our opinion is that it would be best to wait for the correct time to perform your salah as your madhab calls for.

It would be best for all to wait for the later time, for the later time is inclusive of the earlier time. The opposite cannot be viewed as true.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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