whose chain do you really want to yank?


1)Can you kindly comment on the following piece? 2)Are you paid to give any fatwa or religious edict? 3)Do you accept monies from local or people abroad to fund any part of your personal income? 4)for marriages? 5)other local scholar(s) (XXXXXXXXX) have accepted funds.  rulings have changed often. can you comment on quote i have sent? questionsentthirdtimearound

‘There are also no set fees for sharia advisers, who Gulf media say can earn up to $100,000 per fatwa, or religious edict, on a contract.’


1) I have not seen the evidence pertaining to the quote or claim you have made and/or sent above.  Thus, i cannot comment on it

2) This is entirely a voluntarily service to assist Muslims in gaining free access and having their legitimate concerns addressed

3) Other than my regular salary, I have declined money from all local persons and non-family members. Monies insistently given to me are given to the Islamic society so as to avoid a bias in responses shared. The latter rarely occurs. To avoid a bias, I have also limited (not eliminated) my gallivanting to member homes, businesses and institutions that would lower the quality of services i provide or that would have an adverse impact on services rendered

4) Once a state marriage has been performed, i would proceed with the religious nikah. These services are free as well.

5) I do have more important matters to focus upon then deal with heresy. Go to the one that has accepted your funds and ask them why. Ask the ones you have a problem with regarding matters that you find pertinent.

May Allah (SWT) reward you and bless you for your noble intentions. May Allah (SWT) rectify our (my)  behavior if our (my) intentions ware not in the best interest of all, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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