MSA Presents Conference 2010

Navigating Our Path With an Islamic GPS

What: The fifth annual MSA (Muslim Student Association)

When: April 2nd (4:30 PM – 10:30PM) and April 3rd (10 AM- 10PM)

Where: The University of Utah OSH Building.

Other facts you need to know: The fifth annual MSA (Muslim Student Association) conference will look to bring together the Muslim community of the state of Utah in order to promote a better sense of direction in our lives as Muslims. The event will have some well-known out-of-state scholars, as well as some local scholars, who will provide different viewpoints on what it means to “Navigate Our Path“. So please join us as we bring the community together to promote a better path towards good.

Tickets bought before April will be $20. Ticket price will cover Halaal meals for both days, InshaAllah.

To register, please go online
(As a last option, meet MSA representatives at Musjid Khatijah, Noor.)

23 responses to “MSA Presents Conference 2010

  1. Yay, you all should come to this conference. It’ll be amazing, InshAllah. My first MSA conference was a life-changing experience for me. InshAllah, I hope it’ll be the same for those who attend. Hopefully everyone’s life changes in a good way on the event; be it by listening to something that really makes sense, by seeing other people’s imaan and thereby strengthening one’s own, or even by changing the odor of your body by buying a life-changing perfume that they might also sell at the conference :P.

    Anyways, WalaykumAslaam, Anonymouse?


  3. Alhamdulliah, I remain proud of the hard work our youth have taken part in. I was impressed by each person’s dedication and commitment to this event.

    The student speakers that I had an opportunity to view were great:
    M.S. 88.2% Lack of added gestures, came across as a little stiff and scared. You seemed like you were OVER thinking. I felt sorry for your brain. Effort was great. Mastery of topic remains very good. Great voice could have used it to its best. You can work in making this topic into a 30 minute piece to inspire the youth. Keep up the great effort.

    H.A. 88.3% great start, if this was maintained, you could have gotten 97%. As you came to the midpoint, you just seemed to have died and wanted to ran off the stage! Your effort and concern was supreme. You have great potential in turning this topic to an awesome one next time around. You have done excellent in comparison to when you first started this project. Good job. Yes, you can!

    N.S. 96.5% the high points are not as a result of the unwanted polite words at the end of your speech on behalf of the MSA. Your kind words were not part of the scrip and thus caused you to lose 3% points. Not bad, since I am just as generous in my grading as you are with your words. On a serious note: your execution was perfect. Gesture usage was highly appropriate. Rate of speech was great. Seemed very confidant with topic. Related very well with the female audience. You can turn each paragraph into a 20 minute to 30 minute speech. I hope you would do it to inspire family and friends to build your faith and their faith.

    The programs that were advocated by the MSA were excellent, the sincerity of each MSA member to do their best remains a point of admiration.

    May Allah bless you all who work so hard to do so much of good, Ameen.

    • To be fair to M.S., he was the guinea pig, being the first one on Friday with other 2 student speakers on Saturday, so a few added points should be given in consideration of being first to be in front of audience.

      Lack of added gestures, I believe was my fault being one of the tech guys, I believe I was there at that time so simply clipping the mike to clothing would’ve enhanced ability to talk with not just voice but with gestures in an animated fashion.

      Effort was 100% mashAllah. Mastery was good, just a bit nervous talking but alhamdulillah it’s a learning experience of getting over ‘stage fright’.

      InshAllah for next time, simple advice would be to not just memorize in one’s mind but also in one’s heart…so that when you’re up there, your style of delivery and passion is all ready to go.

      I’m not the Imam but from fellow student to student, I first want to say I greatly admire you, all of you, for becoming a truly “active” part of the conference and not passive like the rest of us who were too scared to volunteer to speak.

      Alhamdulillah, watching and listening to you guys has inspired me to inshAllah give a speech as student speaker as well.

      M.S., here is your speech, perhaps you can take mental of notes of what went good and what you can improve upon for in the future.
      For those (many of you) who were unable to make it to, in my opinion, one of the best if not the best msa conference we have had thus far, the following are videos that show somewhat what you missed (not all for that wouldn’t be fair to those who attended!)
      Please post your comments regarding any facet of the conference.

      May Allah (SWT) bless you guys and I sincerely hope that you all shall speak in the future, be it at the next conference, Friday prayer on campus, or any Islamic junction we may have in the near future

      Admin, here is the youtube link:

      Let me know how I did on the editing job.

      If we could have a post titled just “MSAUU April 2010 Conference” and then a bunch of these videos embedded into them (inshAllah as I send them), that’d be really great!
      We could put Br. Yassir’s death reminder video as well.
      (InshAllah, if you have plausible suggestions for optional place/s to have conference next year, feel free to tell us!



      • Asalamualikom,
        For a first time speaker i think M.S did great mashallah! Keep it up brother in the future inshallah and you will do great!

      • Well, next time get the microphone sorted out AI. It can be a nuisance. Ask any speaker who has had to put up with such a horrid situation. You cost the kid 3 to 5% right there! As a result he could not move his hands which resulted in an additional 3 to 5% points! I guess, his true score could have been above 95%! All part of learning and doing practice runs! For the record, this is exactly what N.S. had done. Thus the much higher score for N.S. At least now you folks know what to look out for so as to attain greater perfection! All part of learning.
        Did N.S. or anyone else pay you to cause a lower grade for M.S.? Maybe N.S could share some of his/er points!
        M.S, H.A and N.S all did better than me when i did my first public appearance. But then, i only had 3 days to prepare. (And my mom wrote my first few speeches for me. Yes in English!) Thus my higher grading standards for those who had a month. Fair is fair. In all honesty, you folks were awesome.

        • Ha my bad Imam, I’ll be a more attentive techie next time inshAllah.
          M.S., sorry bro, looks like I cost you an A.
          True, all part of learning and I believe alhamdulillah all that attended benefitted a lot so thank you to all of you: M.S., N.S., H.A., IMSM, IAM, etc.

    • Here is H.A.’s speech.
      Good job mashAllah.
      N.S., apologies but your speech didn’t make it onto the camera. If you’d like yours on, if a member of your family recorded you, you can bring the camera to the next Fiqh class and we’ll upload it inshAllah.


      • Hmmm, i hope the masses do not view this as a hint of jealousy. Not to say N.S. must place it on here. But making such a comment could be viewed rather acutely by supporters. Simply stated: AI do your work which you are doing in an awesome manner and save the side bar comments! (you just don’t get it my friend!)

        • Jealousy? Nah, just admiration.
          Ha duly noted, I’ll just do the work and enjoy the side bar comments of others.
          Thanks for the advice!

  4. Assallamu alkuim,
    MashAllah it was a life changing conference wallahi. the imams, scholars, and poets made us reflect and love islam all over. You rewards are with Allah. MSA with all the harships that was in our way, you guys were able to get through it and make a difference in people’s life. You should all be proud!! May Allah accept it from you. Allah will not put any good work down, so u never know what is out there for u. Also for all those audience who showed up, mashAllah were respectful, and motivated to listen to every lecture. Allah will reward you inshAllah for being patient to sit there for all those hours. I am just full of excitment, and wallahi happy for the success of the conference!!!
    quick note; this is advice to me before anyone, act upon what you heard at the conference. we all got the feeling of regret at the conference, and motivation to do something for Islam, but we need to put it into action because what good could do for us if we just listen and do no good?-everyone has the intention but put it into action. Everyone knows what they hav to work to better themselves so let us start today, and u will realize the difference in your life. Never give up!! like the imam said, even if its hard to quit the sin, just try and Allah will help you out with it. Again CHANGE is the only way to go.

    JazzkAllahu kharian everyone!!!!

  5. Assalamu alaykum,

    MashaAllah, the conference was excellent. The MSA members worked hard and may Allah reward you all for your work. I really enjoyed all the presenters and I wished they had more time. The nasheed and poetry session was awesome.

  6. Asalaamualaykum,

    On behalf of the MSA board, JazakhAllah Khair (thank you) for coming to the conference. We appreciate all of the support we had in running this event. We owe many thanks to all our speakers, both students and Shiekhs, for presenting the conference. We owe thanks to those that attended, our sponsors, and finally we owe thanks to our lord Allah (SWT) for making our conference seem amazing despite any hardships that were faced by the board in weeks prior to this event.

    Thanks everyone, JazakhAllah Khair!
    Please give us feedback on what you think would’ve made this conference better. We’ll try to employ each and every point we get in the next conference.

    So far, the feedback we have is:
    1) I really enjoyed all the presenters and I wished they had more time.
    2) The nasheed and poetry session was awesome.

    JazakhAllah Khair, may Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) bless everyone that came and those that wanted to, but couldn’t, as well.

    An extended version of Imaam Muhammed Shoayb’s speech: “Prophet Muhammed (SAW)Pre-Birth To Post-Dead ( Things You Never Heard Before)” is being sold on CD. If you would like to request a copy, please let us know by contacting:

    This is perfect for those of us who thought the speeches were cut off too early! Hint Hint..

  7. Also, to add on, most of the conference shall be available for your viewing pleasure here, on youtube, and if we can, inshAllah on

    Stay tuned and post comments (including criticisms) for it’s only from our mistakes we can learn to do better inshAllah next time.


  8. Awesome job brothers and sisters, I really loved all the Imam and their topics!!!! Maybe a different location next time! May Allah reward you all!

  9. Salaamu Alaykum,

    We would like to express our utmost gratitude to you Imam, Br. Yasir, other scholars, and Boonaa, We would like to thank you all for making our conference successful.

    Jazakallahu khair to all our volunteers! Though many of the tasks we placed upon them became overwhelming, but yet they were able to take one for the team.
    May Allah reward them for their hard work.

    As for the student speakers we cannot thank you enough!
    I thought your speeches were very well delivered. The framework of your speech was precise and to the point. May Allah reward you all for your courage to stand before your peers, and elders to give a word of advice.

    Barakhallahu feek,