Rat killers can also attain reward


Asalamu Alaikom,
Inshallah you are in best of health and Imaan. My concern was that I work in a lab with lab animals,  where we do experiments on them,and when we get what we want out of them we sac them to be killed. I feel bad for them and I worry that on the day of judgment they might ask me questions. What is the best solution here.
Jazaka Allahu Khair                 Time: Monday March 1, 2010 at 8:06 pm

Q: is it allowed to do experiments on lab animals? It’s my only income? Please do not tell me yes or no. Previously you did. Some detail would help. This is a serious question.  Thanks. Ahsanal jaza. Bless you.

Time: Wednesday November 11, 2009 at 1:39 am

Q: Are medical experiments allowed? I am a medical student. I also do research work.  What is the forgiveness that i ask Allah subhanawho wa ta’ala?  I got your number from XXXXXXXXXX  (text)

Answers: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Facts on our decision making process as per sharia:

  • Everything has been created for humans (Derived from hadith)
  • We must respect all that is under our care. Everything must be treated in accordance to its stature. (Derived from Quran and hadith)
  • We would be questioned for everything we do and must act dutifully (Derived from Quran and hadith)

Notes to researchers/lab persons:

If the tests are conducted in a responsible manner by you with superior ethics and respect for the animal, then such research would be sanctioned. The underlying factor must be inclusive of enhancing the value of the human condition.

There must be an assurance that it is not mere research project that enhances the financial coffers of the institution. Once it has been established through the empirical results that the research was/remains a benefit/failure, it must be terminated — not repeated for greater personal satisfaction or student grade enhancement, etc.

Don’t just ‘sac’ em

Once the animal is tested upon and it is proven that such an animal would be detrimental to society as a result of toxins placed into its system, then in such a condition one can ‘sac them’. This ‘sacking’ must be done in the best interest of society in a responsible and respectable manner with the fear of Allah in mind.

If the tested animal can be fed to another animal, as is done within the animal kingdom wherein one creature devours another for survival, then this would be ideal. To just discard an animal that is not ‘poisoned’ or proven detrimental would be incorrect.

Should there be ethical violations in the lab you work in, then under such conditions it would be best for you to seek employment in an area that upholds your value of seeking a healthy life for every entity. Termination of your employment should not be abrupt. It should only take place once a new occupation is attained.

May Allah bless you all for your questions and patience in seeking our sincere counsel on this relevant matter.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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